Sorry Colton Haynes, Trevor Donovan For Superman; Andy Cohen’s Grindr Profile Published; Six Gay Candidates Run As Republican In Connecticut

Sorry Colton Haynes, Trevor Donovan for Superman
Colton Haynes recently commented about who he’d like to see as the next Superman. 
‘Wouldn’t it be really incredible to see an out gay actor cast as Superman?’ he wrote.
‘Matt Bomer has my vote!’ he also tweeted adding a heart emoji.
I respectfully disagree. While I wouldn’t mind seeing Bomer do Superman, I’d rather see actor, Trevor Donovan, get the part. Although Donovan’s not gay, I can’t think of anyone more perfect for the part. He’s the right age, his acting abilities have been tested vastly over the last 5 years, and he “looks” the part. 
Here’s a link to Donovan’s IMDb pageDonovan’s been building an impressive body of work at his own pace. And here’s a link to the Colton Haynes article.  

Andy Cohen’s Grindr Profile Published

I don’t even know who Andy Cohen is, nor do I care to know, but this seems to be getting a great deal of attention.

According to this article, The National Enquirer pubbed a few things about this Cohen person and it all looks pretty average to me. I’m really not even sure why it’s making news.

The tabloid also claims to have spoken with multiple other sources, including an anonymous gay “Manhattan socialite” who alleges Cohen regularly “lurks around at circuit parties in NYC” for guys to hookup with.

Here’s more

Six Gay Candidates Run As Republican In Connecticut

I think this is a sign of the times, and for the record I’m a lifelong registered Democrat. Not only are more openly gay people running for public office, they’re not following the political stereotypes anymore…or the typical gay agenda that’s always been so well exploited by the mainstream media and Hollywooders. 

Connecticut will see six gay candidates – five men and a woman – running as Republicans for seats in the state’s General Assembly.
In contrast, there are only two openly gay Democrats running for office in the state.
Here’s the rest. They go on to explain it in more detail, with comments from the candidates.

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