Win A FREE Gay Romance Book Pretty Man; Romance Article by Ryan Field In Romance Daily; Lucas Hedges Comes Out As Something

Win A FREE Gay Romance Book Pretty Man

My publisher, Riverdale Ave Books, is doing another giveaway for one of my books in collaboration with the Erie Gay Press, so here’s the information I’ve been posting on Twitter.

FREE book! Win Pretty Man e-book Enter to win Pretty Man e-book from Riverdale Avenue Books! To enter the contest, fill out the form here between Friday, August 31 and Friday, September 21.

You can check that out here.

Pretty Man by Ryan Field

Romance Article by Ryan Field In Romance Daily

I was recently asked to write an article for an online publication called Romance Daily News. I jumped at the chance to talk about what it was like to write gay romance back in the 1990s as compared to now. A lot of things have changed since the 90s…including me.

This is the information and the link I Tweeted earlier today.

A recent article I wrote for Romance Daily News on writing gay romance for over 20 years. How it’s evolved and how it’s gone through so many stages since the 90s.

Here’s another link in case the one above doesn’t work. And here’s an excerpt.

They were storylines that had been done in the past many times with straight characters in books, plays, and in films. But no one had ever reworked them with gay male characters. No one had ever given readers gay male characters who found their happy endings, too. I knew the only way I could pull something like that off was to think of them as parodies, and I did that mostly by adding a good deal of erotica. I also had to change the dynamics a little. What works for straight characters doesn’t always work for gay characters. Though it’s not always the case, the gender politics is a little different sometimes. However, as a gay man I know how that works and reworking the storylines proved to be more of a minor challenge than impossibility. Besides, I was writing exactly what I’d always craved as a reader. That was all the motivation I needed. 

Lucas Hedges Comes Out As Something

The most interesting thing about this article is that I’m seeing this kind of thing all the time lately. Instead of taking pride in being gay, or bi, or any part of LGBTQ+, I’m seeing these people come out with these ambiguous statements that basically say nothing and mean nothing. 

In a new interview with Vulture, the Lady Bird actor opens up about his sexuality, saying: “I recognize myself as existing on that spectrum. Not totally straight, but also not gay, and not necessarily bisexual.”
He continues, “In the early stages of my life, some of the people I was most infatuated with were my closest male friends. That was the case through high school, and I think I was always aware that while for the most part I was attracted to women.”
I’m really not sure how to comment on this kind of thing. I always knew I was gay, and I embrace that label. Here’s the link.  There are over 30 interesting comments with this one. 
A PG Rated Gay Romance

Gayest Palm Springs Thanksgiving With the In-laws by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

In print or e-book

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