Airline Separates Gay Parent Family; Cher Was Never A Big Abba Fan; Hikers Campaigning for Trans Rights

Airline Separates Gay Parent Family

I’m sure a lot of people like me didn’t know this kind of thing was happening.

While waiting for his flight from San Francisco to Taipei, Taiwan, representatives for EVA airlines told Cobb and his husband that only one of them could pre-board with their 19-month-old son. His husband, gate attendants told Cobb, would need to wait in line for general boarding.

But they allowed straight couples board with no problem at all. 

You can read it all, here. 

Cher Was Never A Big Abba Fan

Here’s something with a twist. Even though she’s been promoting all things Abba all summer, Cher wasn’t an Abba fan.

In an interview with the New York Times, she revealed her feelings towards them — and tied it back to her own time with Sonny.
‘Benny [Andersson] took the girls and used them like instruments,’ she said honestly. ‘Sonny used to do that to me.’
Here’s more. What’s really interesting to me, though, is how Cher’s talking about this now after all these years. 
Hikers Campaigning for Trans Rights
A group of hikers campaigned across Massachusetts in protest of a referendum that’s harmful to trans rights. 
 Speaking to PinkNews, Dunn explained: “We embarked to have conversations with community members, hikers, and locals across Western Massachusetts about who we, as trans people, are.”
You can read more, here. They get into a lot more detail about the vote. It’s an interesting read. 

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