Health and Lifestyle Factors With Penis Size; Can A Woman Have A Penis?; Mike Pence Once Identified As A Democrat

Health and Lifestyle Factors With Penis Size

I know it’s not as good as politics, but I find things like this highly informative sometimes.

This article gets into a few of the more clinical facts about penis size.

Also, they noted that men with penises that are shorter in size when flaccid tended to experience a greater increase in both length and girth when their penises became erect. This did not appear to be true for men whose penises were on the longer side when in flaccid state.

You can read this one, here. It’s SFW. 

Can A Woman Have A Penis?

This article tackles a few of the myths involving gender recognition as we’ve always known it to be true.  

Now, if gender/sex was one single thing, then there would be a single, definitive answer to the question, “Can women have penises?” As we’ve seen, though, it makes much more sense to think that gender/sex is not one single thing, but rather many different but related things. And that means that we can’t answer the question until we know what aspect of sex/gender we are trying to pick up on with the word “woman”.

Here’s more. I think many people need to read this, especially those who believe that gender recognition is so plain and simple. 

Mike Pence Once Identified As A Democrat

This article is fascinating because it shows how VP Mike Pence changed so many of his views over the course of time. 

Until a sudden bout of religious fanaticism, Pence, like his immigrant grandfather, supported the Democratic party. He also attended campus parties, played the guitar, maintained friendships with classmates–including women–and even joined the fraternity Phi Gamma Delta. That all changed after a religious epiphany in 1978.

You can read it all, here. According to this, Pence had a gay friend in college, and when the gay friend came out, Pence totally cut him off.  

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