Milo Yiannopolis’s Facebook Meltdown; Two Gay Dads Are Shamed In Public; California Passes Bill Supporting LGBTI Seniors

Milo Yiannopolis’s Facebook Meltdown

I didn’t see this because I don’t follow him, but I did see it trending in a few places. It has something to do with a fan allegedly asking Milo to do something, and Milo ranting about it.

Over the past three years, I have spent literally millions of dollars trying to do talks, speeches, events, rallies and protests, to say nothing of all the stuff I do behind the scenes I can never tell you about. A lot of that money was my own wealth, from before I even started in journalism.

Here’s more. It’s a long rant.

Two Gay Dads Are Shamed In Public

This is more about reactions to gay shaming. And how locations have nothing to do with how people respond to gay shaming.

 In the latest episode of ABC’s What Would You Do?, a gay couple and their child find themselves the targets of antigay abuse while innocent bystanders look on in disbelief.

The show shot the same scenario in two different locations: New York and Kentucky.

Here’s the rest. It’s worth watching.

California Passes Bill Supporting LGBTI Seniors

I like this for many reasons, one of which is that Tony and I are part time residents of California.

Governor Jerry Brown of California signed a bill on Friday (24 August), mandating more care for LGBTI seniors in the state.
Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin wrote AB 2719 seeking to amend acts administered by the state’s Department of Aging.

You can check it out, here.  This should help a lot.

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