LGBTI Displays Banned From Utah Libraries; Kevin Spacey’s Film Makes $126.00

LGBTI Displays Banned From Utah Libraries

This is happening in Washington County, Utah. I don’t think it’s the entire state of Utah; just one county. 

The controversy started during Pride month. Library employee Ammon Treasure was asked to remove his ‘LGBTQ Reads’ button. In 2017, the library also faced criticism for having a LGBTI display during Pride month. Employees were asked to ‘never do another LGBTQ display again.’

You can check this out, here. It’s a very interesting article that goes into a lot more detail and I highly suggest reading it in full. 

Kevin Spacey’s Film Makes $126.00

I don’t think this will come as a surprise to most people.

Disgraced actor Kevin Spacey’s latest movie Billionaire Boys Club – filmed before multiple sexual misconduct allegations were made against him – has grossed just $126 (£98) on its opening night at the US box office.

Here’s the rest. 

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