The Gay Angle In Netflix’s "Insatiable"; Tom Daley on Why They Chose Surrogacy Over Adoption; NYU Professor’s "Gay-Coded" E-mails Not Sexual; British Royal Family’s First-Ever Gay Marriage

The Gay Angle In Netflix’s Insatiable

Insatiable is a new dark comedy on Netflix, and it’s been getting slammed all over the web by the PC crowd ever since it launched. 

But I didn’t find anything offensive about the gay angle in Insatiable. And I would be the first to mention it if I did. In fact, it’s actually kind of refreshing to see the way they treat two gay characters…not like Will and his Grace. No spoilers, but coming out isn’t easy for anyone. This happens in RL all the time.   

In any event, here’s a piece where one of the stars of the show explains something important. 

A major point of contention for viewers has been the use of Ryan wearing a fatsuit in flashback scenes, a creative decision that Ryan admits made her skeptical at first, mostly because she feared “it would almost be done in parody like in Friends.” (If you’ve never seen Friends, the character of Monica, played by Courteney Cox, was overweight in her formative years. Cox dons a fatsuit in a few flashback scenes to signify that weight change.) 

Here’s the link.   

Tom Daley on Why They Chose Surrogacy Over Adoption

Here’s a good example of the way people treat gay people differently. I get it every single day of my life, and I totally agree with Daley. And if they aren’t treating gay people differently, they are “splaining” what it’s like to be gay to them. 

Daley and his husband, Dustin Lance Black, want children, so they decided to use surrogacy instead of adoption. And all of a sudden everyone has an opinion about this. And this is how Daley replied…

In a new interview the Olympic diver points out that people ‘wouldn’t say that to a straight couple.’

Speaking to The Telegraph, Tom explained: ‘Lots of people say, “why don’t you adopt?”. You wouldn’t say that to a straight couple. You wouldn’t say: “Why do you deserve to have a biological kid?”‘

NYU Professor’s “Gay-Coded” E-mails Not Sexual

Here’s an odd tale that involves a sexual harassment lawsuit between a student and a professor. 

Ronell denied having any sexual contact with her former student and said their emails contained “exaggerated expressions of tenderness” because they are both gay, not because she was sexually harassing him.

You can read more, here.

British Royal Family’s First-Ever Gay Marriage

This one is about the first-ever gay marriage in the British Royal Family.

“It’s seen as the extended royal family giving a stamp of approval, in a sense, to same-sex marriage,” said Carolyn Harris, historian and author of “Raising Royalty: 1000 Years of Royal Parenting.” “This marriage gives this wider perception of the royal family encouraging everyone to be accepted.”

Here’s more. It goes into more detail about the history of gay royals, male and female. 

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