Gay San Francisco Cop’s Shocking Claims; Josie Totah Comes Out As Trans; Betsy DeVos and Transgender Bathroom Complaints

Gay San Francisco Cop’s Shocking Claims

When I read this one about San Francisco I couldn’t help thinking about the way openly gay cops were denied the right to march in a pride parade last weekend in another part of the country because the LGBTQ organizers of the pride parade decided to discriminate against openly gay police.

This is pretty bad, too.

In a lawsuit filed last Thursday, 28-year-old officer Brendan Mannix accuses members of the San Francisco Police Department of sexual harassment, sexual discrimination based on his sexual orientation, and retaliating against a whistle-blower.

Here’s more.  The San Francisco city attorney’s office declined comment. 

Josie Totah Comes Out As Trans

I hope we keep hearing about things like this.

Young actor Josie Totah, who has appeared in projects like Champions and Other People, has come out as transgender.
In a moving and honest op-ed for Time, Totah details her journey in accepting and embracing her identity.

Betsy DeVos and Transgender Bathroom Complaints
I always feel bad for the kids in situations like this.  
A number of complaints about bathroom access for transgender students have been thrown out by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, according to Politico.
Here’s more. DeVos claims she’s following the law. Unfortunately, the kids suffer. 

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