Germany Now Has A Third Gender But Trans People Aren’t Happy; Max Bemis Is Bi-ish; Glenn Close Didn’t Think Albert Nobbs Was Trans;

Germany Now Has A Third Gender But Trans People Aren’t Happy

This is interesting, but it’s complicated, too. Apparently, Germany has added a third gender option to official documents.

The new option will be called ‘divers’ which translates to miscellaneous in English. The German government will make the new gender option available to intersex people. Until now intersex people were forced to register themselves as ‘no gender’.

Here’s the entire piece. Trans people are saying it does nothing for them with the obstacles they face.

Max Bemis Is Bi-ish

Max Bemis is the lead singer for the band Say Anything, and he just wrote a 9 page letter to fans about how he identifies.

In the missive, Bemis opens up about his mental health struggles and his sexuality, which he describes as “bi-ish or queer or a straight guy who can also like boys.”

Here’s more. There’s an interesting discussion on the comment thread with this one. 

Glenn Close Didn’t Think Albert Nobbs Was Trans

I’d forgotten that Glenn Close played a man once in Albert Nobbs. But Close doesn’t think she played a trans man. She could be right about that and I might have misinterpreted the movie. I did see Albert Nobbs and I loved it, but there is artistic room for doubt. It’s a 19th Century period film and there tends to be more gray areas with these films for obvious reasons. The word transgender wasn’t even used until sometime around 1966.

And now even Glenn Close is speaking up on the topic of finding more jobs for trans actors.

Glenn Close, who was once nominated for an Oscar for playing a man, has said that Hollywood needs to start casting transgender actors.

It goes into more detail, here.  Close also talks about how she interpreted Albert Nobbs.

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