Why Men Feel Sad After Hot Sex; Gay Teen Asylum Seeker Rejected: Not Gay Enough; Gay Police Officers Can’t March In Pride Parade;

Why Men Feel Sad After Hot Sex

I’ve heard about this before, but I’ve never actually been exposed to anyone who did it. From what I’ve seen, they usually just fall asleep after sex.

If you’re a man who’s ever felt sad, irritable, or distant after having sex, you’re not alone. A recent study from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia revealed this is not a condition only women experience.

There’s more, here.

Gay Teen Asylum Seeker Rejected: Not Gay Enough

This one seems to be surprising a lot of people on the inter webs. A gay guy seeking asylum in Austria was refused because he’s too aggressive, and not gay enough.

The report also allegedly noted: ‘The way you walk, act or dress does not show even in the slightest that you could be homosexual.’
Astonishingly, the report allegedly used having only a few friends and spending time alone against him. The assessment noted: ‘Aren’t homosexuals rather social?’

 Here’s the rest.  I guess they’re trying to prove that the people seeking asylum are really gay, but they’re going about it the wrong way. What about if there’s a guy who really is faking gay, and he plays them with all the stereotypes they’re looking for?

Gay Police Officers Can’t March In Pride Parade

When you stop and think about the fact that Pride is supposed to be about equality and diversity, this is unfortunate.

 LGBT police officers have been banned from marching in a pride parade after a local community had concerns about “feeling unsafe” if they participated

Here’s the rest. This makes me wonder about Pride events altogether, and how they’re going to evolve and survive in the future, if this kind of thing keeps happening.

The police who were banned took it well, though.

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