There Are Six Different Types Of Penises; Blazing Hot Redheads All Male Calendar; More Broken Penis Stories

There Are Six Different Types Of Penises

I didn’t know about this until now. It’s totally heteronormative, but it’s still interesting all the same.

1. Banana

It’ll come as no surprise that the banana-shaped penis echoes the shape of the phallic fruit.
Curving slightly upwards as well as being longer than average, those with a banana penis also have a natural advantage between the sheets.
You can read it all, here. They even compare one to a pencil. 

Blazing Hot Redheads All Male Calendar

I love photos like this, but I also find it interesting that people are still using paper calendars. In this case, though, it’s all about the art.

The “Red Hot” brand name tells you everything you need to know.
For years, they’ve been producing calendars with the hottest gingers to grace the planet, and boy, do they deliver.
More Broken Penis Stories
This sort of thing seems to be showing up in the news more lately. 
36-year-old man learned the hard way that surgical intervention was needed when he fractured his penis having acquired what is known as an eggplant deformity – named for the appearance of the bruising pattern that develops. Though such an injury is thankfully uncommon, it can be sustained during robust and spirited sex or alternate trauma. This particular account of penile damage endured after protracted erection resulting from sildenafil (aka Viagra) use was just published in the British 
Here’s the link for the rest. It’s the American Council on Science and Health, and totally SFW. 

Gayest Palm Springs Thanksgiving With the In-laws by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

In print or e-book

A PG Rated Gay Romance

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