Kate Bornstein Trans Performer and Hecklers; Straight Actors Playing Gay Roles; Gay Games 2018 Paris

Kate Bornstein Trans Performer and Hecklers 

Bornstein is a trans performer who is part of the Straight White Men cast.

In a Facebook post, Bornstein wrote: “It’s true what people are saying: a woman, in response to my opening line of the show, ‘Good evening, ladies, gentlemen, and the rest of us’ called out from the audience ‘You’re not welcome here’.”

It goes on to talk about how Bornstein responded to the heckler.

You can read it in full, here. 

I have to admit that I get frustrated every time I read something that has to do with a trans person being ridiculed. 

Side note: the discussion is still going strong about whether or not only trans people should play trans roles. 

Straight Actors Playing Gay Roles

And speaking of that discussion, here’s a long article that talks about straight actors playing gay roles. 

Straight actors leverage gay roles as career opportunities, and not uncommonly as Oscar bait, but it’s the struggles of real gay people that have made these roles so compelling and so multifaceted, and to swoop in at the last minute and co-opt that is no longer acceptable. It’s, dare I say, un-woke.

Here’s the rest. This is another discussion I think will be around for a while.

All things aside, I can only tell you one thing. Whenever a gay person in the arts sees a straight person taking over his or her culture in books or movies, it feels like a knife in the chest. And we talk about it often in private.

Gay Games 2018 Paris

This is about the gay games going on in Paris right now.

From snug fitting singlets to muscled cheerleaders, the Gay Games 2018 are underway in Paris and if this travel-worthy event isn’t already on your radar, these Instagram pics are sure to get your attention.

Here’s the link. There are some excellent photos that are all SFW. 

Gayest Palm Springs Thanksgiving With the In-laws by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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