Russia’s Homoerotic Video and Voting; Postal Worker Uses A Very Racist Homophobic Gay Slur; Pizza Hut and Transphobic Tweet;

Russia’s Homoerotic Video and Voting

This one is really strange.

A bizarre video encouraging people to vote in upcoming Russian elections ends with two men getting naked together.
Released in the Samara region ahead of the 9 September by-elections across the country, the video shows the two men discussing the upcoming elections.
Here’s the link. And you can watch the video. The point is to shame people into going to the polls to vote. If you don’t vote, you’re gay. Shame. 

Postal Worker Uses A Very Racist Homophobic Slur

Although you probably won’t see this in the mainstream, it’s been trending online for a few days.

This happened in Ohio. A postal worker referred to two gay men as “white faggots” and then threatened to screw around with their mail delivery.

They wound up in an argument and it only devolves from there.

“And then she just kept going on and on and on about me and my fiance being white faggots,” Coward said.

“Yeah, not just faggots,” his fiance Michael Vaughn said. “White faggots.”

You can read the entire thing, here. There’s a video, too, because one of the men recorded the argument.

Pizza Hut and Transphobic Tweet

This one is a little more complicated.

In a Twitter discussion about trans women, the Pizza Hut Malaysia account oddly sprung up to offer an opinion.

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