Two Pro Baseball Players Cuddle In Dugout; Stephen Amell’s Gay For Pay T-Shirt; Joe Biden’s New Gay Family Project

Two Pro Baseball Players Cuddle In Dugout

This is where labels bother me. I don’t think it should be a big thing for men…gay, bi, or straight…to show signs of affection. Our society has really failed men so far in this area. We shouldn’t even be concerned about things like this.

While battling it out with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves players Ronald Acuña Jr. and Ozzie Albies took a breather off the field, sharing an adorable cuddle and tender head caress.

There’s more, here. There’s a video as well. I think it’s sad I even have to link to something like this as news, and I hope more men start showing affection. There’s nothing sexual about it.

Stephen Amell’s Gay For Pay T-Shirt

I don’t even know who Amell is, but he has a few people up in arms over this one. 

Apparently, Amell went to Vancouver Pride wearing a T-Shirt that read: “I’m not gay, but $20 is $20”.

Mikey Keating over at Instinct found it particularly offensive. So much so that he managed to write an entire op-ed about it.
“I don’t doubt that Amell isn’t an ally: He even appeared in two episodes of the silver screen gay Bible, Queer As Folk,” Keating writes. “But the shirt choice is just, stupid. That shirt is basically saying you’ll be gay for (low) pay.”
Here’s the rest. I’m certain he was only joking around, but he should have rethought this one. In the same respect, I don’t think anyone will get mad at him forever. 
Joe Biden’s New Gay Family Project
I’m admittedly biased here. I like everything Joe Biden does and I think he nailed this one. 
Former US Vice President Joe Biden today announced the launch of a new campaign aimed at helping LGBTI youth.
The ‘As You Are: A Family and Community Acceptance Campaign’ is launching through his Biden Foundation.

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