Religious Leader, Grindr Sex, and Teenager; Sequel To "Trick"; The Mary Tyler Moore Show Depicting A Gay Character

Religious Leader, Grindr Sex, and Teenager

This is one of those things you hate reading.

Another day, another religious leader caught behaving badly. This time it’s Aryeh Cohen, a 44-year-old rabbi from St. Louis Park, a suburb of Minneapolis. Charges were just filed against him after he was arrested in a sex trafficking sting earlier this year.

Here’s the rest. But what bothers me a lot about this is it involved a 16 year old. Which of course is terrible. That should go without saying. However, no one saw anything wrong with the movie Call Me By Your Name where a 24 year old straight man has sex with a 17 year old gay kid. In fact, they gave it an Oscar. Interesting.  

Sequel To “Trick”

I don’t think I ever saw this one. I usually remember most movies with real gay content…because there are so few out there. 

Director Jim Fall announced the news that he’s working on a sequel to the 1999 gay romantic comedy Trick.

You can check it out, here. I will give it a shot when it’s released.

Here’s a link to some reviews at Rotten Tomatoes. It’s interesting how the reviews were written a while ago, and there’s so much homophobia. There’s one that even uses the T word. 

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Depicting A Gay Character

Here’s one from the archives. The article is new, but it’s about how a gay character was portrayed over 40 years ago.

“When this episode of ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ aired, homosexuality was considered a mental illness,” Baume, who has previously dissected LGBTQ-inclusive episodes of “The Golden Girls” and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” points out in the clip above. “It was a crime in most of the country ― including Minneapolis, where the show is set ― and the support groups that we rely on today, like PFLAG, had not yet been founded.”

Here’s the link. I’ve seen this episode in reruns. I thought it was excellent. In fact, it’s better than many of the LGBT characters we see today.

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