Travel Blogger: Everything’s Bigger In Texas; Identical Gay Iraqi Twins; Transgender Woman Suing Starbucks

Travel Blogger Joey Amato: Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Not too long ago an older gay author I know posted on social media that he didn’t want to go to a conference in Texas because he didn’t like the politics there. He implied the entire state was homophobic. When I commented that I know Texas a little through my own travels and I’ve never once found it to be homophobic in any way, he dismissed me with a condescending smile emoji. I didn’t pursue it because he’s much older than I am, and he’s very set in his ways. But I wasn’t the only one who left comments disputing his claims. So this piece I’m linking to right now breaks a lot of the stereotypes that have been going around for a long time.

Throughout my career as a travel journalist thus far, I have been to Texas about a dozen times for both work and pleasure. However, the one city I never visited until recently was Houston. I quickly noticed that each Texas metropolis has its own flavor. Houston is no different. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the city, which is home to a great mix of art, music and LGBT culture.

Here’s the rest. I’m not familiar with Houston, but I have gay friends who have lived there. And personally, I love Amarillo, TX.

Identical Gay Iraqi Twins

Speaking of breaking stereotypes. I love this one.

“People say, we’re too much, we’re too loud and Iraqis shouldn’t be that way.”
The pair have amassed over 60,000 Instagram followers smashing stereotypes of what it means to be an twin and Iraqi.
Here’s the link to this one.  There are photos, one of which shows the brothers standing next to each other in the nude with only the gay flag covering their private parts. I believe it’s SFW. 
Transgender Woman Suing Starbucks
Have you ever noticed that whenever there’s something involving racism at Starbucks (or anywhere) it becomes a huge media event that gets national coverage and Starbucks goes out of its way to try to do damage control? But whenever there’s something like this involving a trans person (or anyone LGBT), you hear nothing about it in the mainstream media. If you read about all the discrimination issues that happen to LGBT people in the course of one week, you’ll only see them reported in small LGBT presses or blogs. 
In any event, at least the LGBT presses covered this.

A former Starbucks employee is suing the company for unlimited damages, claiming she suffered harassment and discrimination after coming out as a trans woman.
Maddie Wade alleges in the complaint, filed in Fresno Superior Court, that manager Dustin Guthrie reduced her hours and discriminated against her after disclosing that she was planning to start hormone therapy and facial surgery.
Here’s more.  It goes into a lot more detail. I hope there’s a follow up to this. 

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