What Is the U=U Phenomenon with Regard to HIV? David Furnish Talks PrEP and the “U=U” Phenomenon; Democratic Donor Accused of Killing Young Gay Black Man;

What Is the U=U Phenomenon with Regard to HIV?

I think we all need to know more about this, so that’s why I’m posting about it instead of my regular clickbait. I see so many misconceptions about HIV in the course of one day that it amazes me people can still know so little about what’s been going on.

Undetectable = Untransmittable is the game-changing notion that helps People Living with HIV, and people at risk of contracting HIV, understand that there is zero risk of contracting HIV when someone has an undetectable viral load.

You can read the entire piece, here. And I highly suggest you do that. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Here’s another more complicated link about U=U. 

David Furnish Talks PrEP and the “U=U” Phenomenon

This is interesting. It also gets into some of the political issues being faced today. But I think Furnish handles it all very well, with grace. 

David Furnish, the elegant Chairman of the Elton John AIDS Foundation and husband to Sir Elton John, gave Queerty contributor Mark S. King an exclusive video interview at AIDS2018 in Amsterdam to discuss how the Foundation has changed the landscape of HIV services around the world. He also weighs in on PrEP, the “U=U” phenomenon, and the importance of younger activists understanding their HIV/AIDS history.

Here’s more

Democratic Donor Accused of Killing Young Gay Black Man

This was trending in the mainstream media today. I think I posted about it before, but I don’t feel like looking for the link. This gives back story, too.

Gemmel Moore died from a crystal meth overdose last July and now it appears the Democratic Party donor who many believe is responsible for his death will go unpunished.

Here’s the rest. It’s quite a sordid tale. 

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