Marines Have Way More Sex; A Gay Bathhouse In Amsterdam; Justin Trudeau Has Lunch With Antoni Porowski;

Marines Have Way More Sex

There’s a new study out that claims Marines have a lot more sex than other branches of the military.

Researchers found that Marines were more likely to “engage in riskier sexual behavior” by having “more than one sex partner of the course of one year.”

You can read it all, here. You’ll want to check out the comments. 

A Gay Bathhouse In Amsterdam “NoMoreC”

I haven’t posted much about gay bathhouses lately, and that’s because you don’t see much about them in the news these days. But this is important. It’s about a campaign called “NoMoreC” that’s focused on stopping the spread of Hepatitis C. 

The “NoMoreC” campaign is sponsored in part by Sauna NZ, Amsterdam’s gay bathhouse, so it seemed only appropriate that Queerty contributor Mark S. King (My Fabulous Disease) spend some time there to discuss the campaign with the sauna manager and some of the campaign’s supporters. It’s the latest in his series of video reports from AIDS2018, the international AIDS conference which just concluded.

Here’s more. 

Justin Trudeau Has Lunch With Antoni Porowski

I love Justin Trudeau because he’s the only political figure I know of who actually apologized to gay people for what was done to them in the past. He can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned.

Queer Eye’s avo lover Antoni Porowski and Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau are going to have brunch together. As if the news wasn’t amazing already, the brunch will be Pride-themed.

What an honor and privilege to meet Trudeau in person. I hope this Antoni person fully understands this honor. 

Here’s the rest.  

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