Zakar Twins and Sexual Assault; Monica Lewinsky Sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"; Throwing Eggs At Gays In Wilton Manors

Zakar Twins and Sexual Assault

The Zakar twins are male models, and they recently brought sexual assault allegations against photographer, Rick Day.

Zach recounts a similar story, sharing that, “Before we start shooting, [Day] bluntly says: ‘I’m going to shoot you, then you’re going to make me shoot.’ I nervously laughed because I didn’t know if he was serious or not.”

The rest is here. 

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Monica Lewinsky Sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

I’ve never been to Club Cumming, but I think I would love it. I love things like this.

Alan Cumming had a pretty big guest at his New York City bar, atply titled Club Cumming, on Monday (23 July) night. It was none other than Monica Lewinsky.
The anti-bullying advocate was at the bar celebrating her 45th birthday and she ended up on stage herself.
But not before the whole crowd sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. She tweeted out a video of the moment, calling herself a ‘lucky girl’.

Here’s more. There’s a great video, too. She’s actually pretty good, and the pianist is excellent. 

Throwing Eggs At Gays In Wilton Manors
For those who don’t know, Wilton Manors is the ultimate gay neighborhood in Florida. So it’s hard to believe something like this could happen there. 
WILTON MANORS, Fla. – Brian Carter said he and two friends were standing outside of Gym Bar inWilton Manors Monday Night when someone started throwing eggs at them.
“I mostly just heard the yelling and was pelted right away,” Carter said. “It was a pretty heavy hit right here, but it splattered so much and it hit a couple other people.”

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