Gay Man Sues Police Over False Cruising Arrest Accusations; George Michael Committed Suicide Says Lover; Trans Man Gets Penis

Gay Man Sues Police Over False Cruising Arrest Accusations

I have seen this kind of thing happen all of my adult life. I’ve witnessed it personally. Police will target gay men in public rest areas or restrooms, and the gay men don’t even have to be doing anything wrong.

In this particular case, someone is fighting back.

A man is suing New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority after he claims he was unfairly arrested on false claims of cruising in a public restroom.

The wrongful arrest happened on the morning of April 17, 2017 inside men’s restroom at the Grand Central Terminal.

You can read it all, here. It goes into a good deal more detail. He was cleared of all charges in court.

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 George Michael Committed Suicide Says Lover

This is too bizarre. According to this article, George Michael may not have died of natural causes. These claims are being made by George Michael’s lover, Fadi Fawas. 

He says George took his own life on Christmas Eve – his mother’s birthday – and lay dead for 24 hours, before Fawas discovered him.

Here’s more. George Michael’s estate has “no trust” in anything Fawas is saying. 

Trans Man Gets Penis

This is fascinating to read. 

And on February 5, he became the first-ever person to undergo a phalloplasty — the “bottom” surgery to affirm his genitalia from female to male — in New Jersey.

Here’s the link.  They get into a lot more back story about his journey. 

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