Gay Couple Allegedly Turned Away by Indiana Florist; Those Sexy Gay Male Water Polo Players; Cher Meeting Her Very First Gay Man

Gay Couple Allegedly Turned Away by Indiana Florist

And the discrimination continues…

A florist in Avon, Indiana, refused to sell wedding flowers to a gay couple according to one of the men. David Elliott says he and his partner, Daniel Collins, were refused service when the shop owner realized the wedding didn’t include a bride.

Here’s the rest. One of the grooms said they won’t take further action. They just want to forget about it, celebrate their legal marriage, and move on with their lives. 

Gayest Palm Springs Thanksgiving With the In-laws by [Field, Ryan]

Those Sexy Gay Male Water Polo Players

This one is all about the fun and celebration. 

The Stingers, a team of sexy queer water polo players from Sydney, Australia, just released their own version of the hit RuPaul‘s Drag Race All Stars 2 anthem “Read U, Wrote U.” They re-wrote the popular track with their own lyrics that throw some shade towards the way of their competition at the upcoming Gay Games in Paris, France.

There’s more, here. There’s a photo and a video you won’t want to miss. It’s actually pretty good. 

Cher Meeting Her First Gay Man

Here’s a story about the first time Cher met a gay man. Please keep in mind that she’s an elderly woman and I highly doubt she means any harm. I know it’s the kind of thing that’s offensive to many of you, but it’s the way things were way back in her day. 

‘I came home from school and there were these two guys in our living room. They were talking to my Mom and her best friend and they were so happy and excited about everything they were talking about. So animated. I thought these guys are much more fun than the regular men that come over to visit. I didn’t know they were gay but I just thought these guys are great. It just started from them.’

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

In print or e-book

A PG Rated Gay Romance

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