MSU Professor Speaks Up About Hateful Reaction To Penis Study; Get My Smelling Salts: David Beckham’s Inflatable Peacock; Emerging STD Superbug Inflames Penises;

MSU Professor Speaks Up About Hateful Reaction To Penis Study
Here’s my second follow up to a story that was making the rounds last month about a professor in Missouri who was trying to conduct a professional penis study but all she got in return was backlash. Here’s the link to my first post.  Here’s the link to the second post. I thought it was fascinating and I was interested in reading the results. Unfortunately, she had to cancel the project and now she’s speaking up about it.
This really is pretty bad…
“Each hater sent multiple emails,” she wrote. “The first message came from a Michigan man (he went to my page, which provided his location) — he opened his email by calling me a ‘feral whore.’” He sent 30 emails in total, each with similarly abusive language. He called me a ‘fat pig,’ or some variation, in most of those emails. He even claimed that I was ‘so fat only N—–s would’ have sex with me. The racism of misogyny was common.”
Here’s more. And now, what could have been a fascinating study crashes and burns because of nasty people. That’s a shame. 

Get My Smelling Salts: David Beckham’s Inflatable Peacock

According to this article, everyone’s gagging over this.

In the pic, which was posted over the weekend, 43-year-old Beckham can be seen lounging in a pool on an inflatable peacock, shirtless, and sipping a glass of Pinot Noir.

If you want to gag, you can check this one out, here.  Apparently, the whole Internet needs a gallon of water now because David Beckham took off his pants. 

Emerging STD Superbug Inflames Penises

I’ve been reading about this new STD called MG, and it doesn’t sound good.

Mycoplasma genitalium (MG) can cause inflammation of women’s reproductive organs, causing pain and bleeding. It could lead to infertility.
With men, they often don’t have symptoms. However, it can cause the urethra to become inflamed. Discharge could come out from the penis and with the disease, it could be very painful to urinate.
Here’s a lot more. They go into a much longer explanation and everyone who is sexually active should read it. 

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