Tom Daley Attacked On Twitter; Facebook Group Bans Blacks and Asians; Gilbert Baker’s Memoir: Creator of Rainbow Flag

Tom Daley Attacked On Twitter

I couldn’t go with anything resembling the actual clickbait headline with this link. It’s just too serious for clickbait. So I went with the truth…that Daley really was attacked on Twitter by some very ridiculous, vicious people with a political agenda. It’s just another example of more hate toward gay people with kids.

In a new thread titled “The mother of Tom Daley’s child”, users vented about the couple’s use of a surrogate.
One commenter wrote: “The baby was both deprived of its mother and abandoned by its mother. That this happened was planned. I consider that to be child abuse.”

Here’s the full story. 

Facebook Group Bans Blacks and Asians

This is just one reason why I have never liked any Facebook groups. But this group in particular is pretty bad compared to what I’ve seen. In fact, I’ve never seen anything this horrible.

A public Facebook group for gay men is under fire for openly discriminating against people of color, San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reports.

“Muscle Bear” is a public Facebook group for (white) guys who are into hairy (white) muscular men with nearly 20,000 (white) members. When a person first tries to join, they are confronted with a series of questions/statements

There’s more, here. 

Gilbert Baker’s Memoir: Creator of Rainbow Flag

Here’s a book I’ll be reading. I know very little about this and I’m curious. 

The highly anticipated memoir of Gilbert Baker, the creator of our iconic rainbow flag, is coming out next year.
Chicago Review Press announced plans to publish Rainbow Warrior in June 2019. Baker began writing the book before his death on 31 March 2017 at the age of 65.

Here’s the link, where you can read an excerpt. 

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

In print or e-book

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Altered Parts: Limited Edition

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