Nyle DiMarco Is Naked; A Gay Disney Princess; UK’s First National AIDS Memorial

Nyle DiMarco Is Naked

Here’s some clickbait for you. But there’s also an important very worthwhile message.

Artist Cacho Falcon covered DiMarco’s naked body in “I love you” written in sign language to show a message of support to the queer deaf community.

Here’s the rest, with photos. I don’t mind clickbait like this.

A Gay Disney Princess

I didn’t even know this was being discussed. But it is, and according to this not everyone is happy about it…33% oppose it.

A third of people are still uncomfortable with the idea of a gay Disney princess.
Many people may hope Elsa from Frozen gets a girlfriend but it seems that a 33% of Brits think it would be unsuitable for children.
YouGov asked British people on possible future introductions into the Disney princess canon.

Clearly, I have no problem with it. Here’s more.

It’s interesting because there’s a huge age gap. Younger people support the idea, and not so much older people. Interesting.

UK’s First National AIDS Memorial

It’s nice to see this happening, and that no one is forgetting. I saw a TV report the other day that talked about how kids today don’t know anything about the Holocaust. I’d hate to see that happen with AIDS.

A group of LGBTQ campaigners have started raising money for the UK’s first national AIDS memorial to be built in London.

The AIDS Memory UK campaign aims to raise £7,500 towards a national tribute to remember those who have died from the syndrome in Britain.

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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