Nyle DiMarco Is Naked; A Gay Disney Princess; UK’s First National AIDS Memorial

Nyle DiMarco Is Naked

Here’s some clickbait for you. But there’s also an important very worthwhile message.

Artist Cacho Falcon covered DiMarco’s naked body in “I love you” written in sign language to show a message of support to the queer deaf community.

Here’s the rest, with photos. I don’t mind clickbait like this.

A Gay Disney Princess

I didn’t even know this was being discussed. But it is, and according to this not everyone is happy about it…33% oppose it.

A third of people are still uncomfortable with the idea of a gay Disney princess.
Many people may hope Elsa from Frozen gets a girlfriend but it seems that a 33% of Brits think it would be unsuitable for children.
YouGov asked British people on possible future introductions into the Disney princess canon.

Clearly, I have no problem with it. Here’s more.

It’s interesting because there’s a huge age gap. Younger people support the idea, and not so much older people. Interesting.

UK’s First National AIDS Memorial

It’s nice to see this happening, and that no one is forgetting. I saw a TV report the other day that talked about how kids today don’t know anything about the Holocaust. I’d hate to see that happen with AIDS.

A group of LGBTQ campaigners have started raising money for the UK’s first national AIDS memorial to be built in London.

The AIDS Memory UK campaign aims to raise £7,500 towards a national tribute to remember those who have died from the syndrome in Britain.

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If Trump Put Peter Thiel On Supreme Court; Nico Tortorella Reads His Own Poetry; Banned Istanbul Pride Has One Street

If Trump Put Peter Thiel On Supreme Court

I’m not sure what to make of this one, and frankly I doubt it will happen, but it’s an interesting thought anyway.

Peter Thiel is the wealthy openly gay Trump supporter that makes headlines all the time for being wealthy, openly gay, and supporting Trump. So they came up with 9 reasons why Trump should put Thiel on the Supreme Court.

Nowadays Thiel is just classified as a Silicon Valley tycoon. But he has impressive legal credentials. Thiel graduated from Stanford Law School and interned at the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. Thiel’s law experience may be a bit dusty, but his background is actually solid. And he’s nobody’s dummy.

Here’s the rest. The comments are what you would expect. They seem to think this is a joke. 

Nico Tortorella Reads His Own Poetry

I always wonder about these things. Do authors actually go back and read their own books…ever?

Apparently, Nico reads his own book every day. 

I think the greatest way to start learning about yourself is through spiritual practice and that’s what that book was for me. It still is. I pick it up everyday and I’ll read something, and it hits me in a new way every single time. It was a guidebook that I could go back to and be inspired. I wrote that book for myself first.

You can read more, here. Maybe I’ve been doing something wrong. All these years I’ve been writing fiction for my readers, and always thinking about what they would like to read. For me it’s always been about the reader. 

Don’t miss the comments. 

Banned Istanbul Pride Has One Street

Whenever I start to complain about how things are here in the US, I think about how awful things are for other LGBT people on the global front. It sobers me. 

A banned LGBTI Pride march in Istanbul has been granted permission to go ahead by police, as long as marchers remain confined to just one street.

The Turkish Pride march was banned by the city’s governor’s office, late last week, citing security concerns.

Here’s more. It goes on to explain what it’s like to be gay in Turkey. And in spite of the confinement to one street, there are some excellent photos, with a video.

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In print or e-book

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Altered Parts: Limited Edition