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Marines Have Way More Sex; A Gay Bathhouse In Amsterdam; Justin Trudeau Has Lunch With Antoni Porowski;

Marines Have Way More Sex

There’s a new study out that claims Marines have a lot more sex than other branches of the military.

Researchers found that Marines were more likely to “engage in riskier sexual behavior” by having “more than one sex partner of the course of one year.”

You can read it all, here. You’ll want to check out the comments. 

A Gay Bathhouse In Amsterdam “NoMoreC”

I haven’t posted much about gay bathhouses lately, and that’s because you don’t see much about them in the news these days. But this is important. It’s about a campaign called “NoMoreC” that’s focused on stopping the spread of Hepatitis C. 

The “NoMoreC” campaign is sponsored in part by Sauna NZ, Amsterdam’s gay bathhouse, so it seemed only appropriate that Queerty contributor Mark S. King (My Fabulous Disease) spend some time there to discuss the campaign with the sauna manager and some of the campaign’s supporters. It’s the latest in his series of video reports from AIDS2018, the international AIDS conference which just concluded.

Here’s more. 

Justin Trudeau Has Lunch With Antoni Porowski

I love Justin Trudeau because he’s the only political figure I know of who actually apologized to gay people for what was done to them in the past. He can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned.

Queer Eye’s avo lover Antoni Porowski and Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau are going to have brunch together. As if the news wasn’t amazing already, the brunch will be Pride-themed.

What an honor and privilege to meet Trudeau in person. I hope this Antoni person fully understands this honor. 

Here’s the rest.  

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Father Comes Out To Son On ABC TV’s ‘What Would You Do?; Air Force Football Player Comes Out To Team; Parents of Closeted Son Find Out He’s Gay

Father Comes Out To Son On ABC TV’s What Would You Do?

I’m not sure what bothers me about this so much, but there’s an underlying problem I can’t quite figure out. Maybe it’s because it’s not very believable to me. This all happens in a restaurant and I don’t know anyone…father or son…who has ever done anything like this in a restaurant. My brother and I actually discovered we were gay in a gay restaurant/nightclub, however, that was by sheer accident. We bumped into each other. The last thing I would have done with any family member would have been to come out in such a public setting. I’ve seen the TV people do this before and I’ve never found it authentic.

The other thing that’s not believable to me is that the son is shocked to find out his father is gay. I’ve known situations like this one, too, and I have never once heard anyone say it came as a total shock they found out their father is gay. Usually, people suspect it but they never come right out and say it. And when they finally do discover the truth they’re not in total shock.

But I could be wrong. Maybe other gay people would disagree with me.

In the latest episode of ABC’s What Would You Do?, a father comes out to his son in a busy New Jersey diner.
In the scenario, two parents sit down with their teenage son to say they’re getting a divorce. When the sons asks why, his father explains that he’s gay and has been living in the closet for the entire marriage.

Here’s the link. One guy left a comment, so far, that’s very amusing.

Air Force Football Player Comes Out To Team

Now this I find totally believable. This one doesn’t leave me wondering. I can tell this one is real and I trust it.

Bradley Kim plays football in the Air Force and he came out for remarkable reasons.

‘The biggest reason I want to share this is to be able to reach people who are in similar situations struggling with the same things I have struggled with,’ he told them.
‘I want to be there for people who don’t feel like they have anyone there for them, because I was that kid growing up in high school.’
Here’s the rest. There’s a nice photo of Kim, too. 

Parents of Closeted Son Find Out He’s Gay
I totally believe this story as well. Unlike the ABC TV What would You Do? story, this I can see happening in RL. 
Here’s what happens when your parents come home and find you having sex with two other guys, and they didn’t even know you were gay. 
The young Reddit user says he planned to see his parents that evening, but they decided to surprise him and visit him about 12 hours early.
He continues: ‘My boyfriend, roommate and I were tanning on our back patio and doing some morning drinking. Things happened and soon we’re having some fun together in the sun.

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Christian Conservative Freaks Out About How Gay Fox News Is; Trans Women 45 Years Ago; LGBT Adults, Health Insurance, and Unemployment;

Christian Conservative Freaks Out About How Gay Fox News Is

What always surprises me about the far right wing Christian conservatives is how they are so certain and so positive about everything. Not only do they know it all, they’ll tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. And then they’ll tell you what’s wrong with you.

In any event, this one is rich. Some right wing Christian conservative isn’t liking the way Fox News is supporting LGBT people.

There are some Christian conservatives who are appalled at the direction the Fox News network has taken lately, and not in the way that one should be appalled at the station.

Writing for Life SiteDoug Mainwaring takes the network to task for endorsing sodomy and losing sight of our Lord and Savior.

Here’s more. 

Trans Women 45 Years Ago

I recently watched an old rerun of the TV show, The Jeffersons, and saw an episode I’d never seen before. George’s old army buddy returns to visit him in NY many years later, only now he’s a woman instead of a man. This episode has to be over 40 years old. And they handled the subject well considering the times. 

And trans people have been around a lot longer than that.

David Attenborough fought to put transgender women on television 45 years ago.
Attenborough was made BBC Director of Programs in 1969. In a confidential memo, Attenborough allegedly urged the BBC to hand over airwaves to marginalized groups, including trans people.
LGBT Adults, Health Insurance, and Unemployment
Here’s an interesting study and suggests LGBT adults are less likely to have health insurance and employment. 
Using data from a 2013 follow-up survey, researchers found that both male and female sexual minorities were around twice as likely to have been unemployed and uninsured over the prior year, compared to their straight peers.
Here’s more. I can’t comment because I don’t know enough about it. 

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More On Chelsea Handler Playing Gay Face; Gay Friendly Urban Beaches; Pride Is More Than Partying;

More On Chelsea Handler Playing Gay Face

Here’s an op-ed piece that questions why it’s okay for Chelsea Handler to play gay, but it’s not okay for Scarlett Johansson to play trans. He brings up some very valid points.

This seems like some sort of weird double standard to me. I think that Johansson was rightfully berated to take that role. But then why a week later, are we excited that Handler is going to be gay for pay? Roles for queer people are still few and far between, even on a show like Will & Grace. And while a straight actor, Eric McCormack, was cast as gay lawyer Will Truman way back in 1998, this is 2018. Shouldn’t that role given to Handler be played by a woman who identifies as a lesbian, or at least queer?

Here’s the rest. I agree with him. I’m always amazed by the people who say this is just about acting. This is NOT just about acting. If this were about acting than an actress like Meryl Streep would be able to play black characters. This is about respecting ALL marginalized groups, and not appropriating them. As more people begin to understand this, I think we’ll be seeing less of it in the future. 

Gay Friendly Urban Beaches

To be honest, I’ve been up and down the east coast and I’ve never been to a beach that wasn’t gay friendly. I think they’re talking about beaches that are mostly gay here.

From New York to Berlin, GayCities rounded up some urban beaches where it’s perfectly acceptable to sprawl on a blanket with a picnic and bottle of wine. In each of these places, there’s usually a place where the gays congregate–and more! We even found some locations where it’s ok to strip down completely–for a full sun (or moon) experience.

Here’s the rest.  They list 7 beaches you might want to check out. 

Pride Is More Than Partying

Here’s a nice piece about Pride and some of the important things that can get accomplished. 

By attending my Pride 2018 events over the past few months, you helped raise over $77k for TRUTH (TRans yoUTH), a youth-led partnership between the Transgender Law Center and the GSA Network amplifying the voices of trans and gender non-conforming young people, and creating safe spaces for them to share their struggles, learn empathy, and build public understanding.

You can read this one, here. There are some excellent photos, too. 

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Chelsea Handler Plays Gay Face for Will and Grace; Retirement Community Rejects Married Lesbian Couple; Baltimore Leather Bar Shutters For Good;

Chelsea Handler Plays Gay Face for Will and Grace

Well, here’s one more reason not to watch the Will and Grace reboot. I guess they couldn’t find a lesbian actress to play the part, so they took on a straight woman who’s been under fire for homophobic tweets.

Chelsea Handler is joining the next series of Will & Grace.
The US actress will play in a ‘high-powered lesbian’ in the new episodes, according to sources close to the show.

Here’s the rest. And here’s a link to something where Chelsea Handler was under fire for homophobic tweets.

Now let me get this right. Roseanne Barr Tweets something racist and she loses everything, and rightly so. But Chelsea Handler Tweets homophobic and she gets to play a lesbian on Will and Grace. Got it.

Retirement Community Rejects Married Lesbian Couple

Tony and I have always had a lot of older friends, and we’ve seen them deal with this sort of thing. It’s almost like being forced back into the closet when you’re in your 80s. We’ve seen our friends live happy lives in the LGBT community here in New Hope, only to wind up in heteronormative retirement communities where they have to watch everything they say or do. And that’s a fact. A friend of ours recently moved to one of these places. In other words, you have to stop being gay to survive in a heteronormative “family” environment like this otherwise you’ll deal with consequences. That’s a sad way to end up for any gay person, especially if you’ve lived your entire life openly gay.

In any event, this happened to a couple of married gay women.

Mary Walsh, 72, and Bev Nance, 68, were just looking for a new home where they could be surrounded by friends and could get some extra care if needed. But when they tried to become residents at the St. Louis-area Friendship Village senior living community, they were turned away because they’re married.

Here’s the rest. And don’t think this can only happen in places like St. Louis. It can happen anywhere. This is why we’re all going to have to start thinking about more LGBT friendly retirement communities. 

Baltimore Leather Bar Shutters For Good

Here’s another causality in the gay bar wars. But this time it’s a little different. This is about conflict of interest and not about competition with the Internet. 

“It is our sincere belief that the [owners are] actively manipulating the entire situation in hopes that they can void the lease and licensing agreements, thereby taking possession of all the assets of 4 Crazy Guys, LLC, not the least of which is nearly $600,000 worth of improvements to their building paid for by [us.]”

You can read the entire statement, here. They mention there are still other venues in Baltimore.

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Summer Penis Growth and Hot Weather; Man Without Penis Uses Unknown Sex Object; "Death Row Sissy" Scott Peterson and Radar Online

Summer Penis Growth and Hot Weather

I’ve wondered about this sometimes. Not often. But it has crossed my mind. Does the penis actually get bigger in the summer? And I can’t be the only one who’s been wondering.

What is summer penis? So glad you asked. According to a handful of Reddit users, summer penis sets in during warmer months, when rising temps allegedly make their penis appear bigger. Or, as Tracy Moore put it in a MEL Magazine article that brought all of this to everyone’s attention in the first place, it’s “an elusive phenomenon that answers to the sway of the seasons. No barbell can boost it; no foodstuff can fill it. Summer penis is a temporary dick fluctuation that, thanks to the heat and warmth, gives you a months-long leg-up on shaft size.”

There’s a lot more, here. It’s a very informative piece, and they consulted with a doctor from the Mayo Clinic. 

If I find more on this, I’ll post about it.

Man Without Penis Uses Unknown Sex Object

I have to admit I don’t totally understand this one.

A MAN with no penis used an “unknown object” to have sex with two girlfriends – who had no idea he was missing his manhood.

We’re not talking about one night stands. These people were in relationships. 

Ms Cockburn said: “The accused was in a relationship with one of the women between May 2013 and January 2016 and they first had sex in May 2013.

It’s very bizarre. Here’s the rest. I can’t tell you much about anything in life, but I can be certain of one thing as far as I’m personally concerned. If I haven’t seen his penis by the second date, we’re heading directly into the friendzone. Plain and simple. No questions about it. 

“Death Row Sissy” Scott Peterson and Radar Online

Here’s another one of those “it’s hard to believe this kind of thing is still happening” pieces.

Radar Online is back at it again, publishing more outrageously homophobic and salacious “reports” about celebrities and other public figures. This time it’s concerning convicted killer Scott Peterson.

You can read about this, here. I’d rather not go into detail about it.

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Throwing Eggs At Gays In Wilton Manors; Gay Pornster Bruno Bernal and the N Word; Is Aging Harder For LGBT People?

Throwing Eggs At Gays In Wilton Manors

Here’s more on the egg throwing incident in Wilton Manors, FL. There’s a very large gay population there. 

He said that, shortly before midnight, a car appeared in front of them on Wilton Drive at Northeast 7th Avenue.

“Suddenly we heard somebody scream, ‘Do you want to be gay?’ And got hit from behind with an egg,” Carter explained CBS Miami.
Here’s more.  It’s been a while since I’ve heard about anything like this happening. 

Gay Pornster Bruno Bernal and the N Word

I’ll never understand why some people have to do these things. 

Gay adult film performer Bruno Bernal has doubled down on his use of the word after being widely criticized this week, suggesting those offended by his language should “grow a thicker skin and be less sensitive.”

Here’s the rest. It goes into a lot more detail. But his employers,, released a statement where they make it clear they’ll no longer be working with him. 

Is Aging Harder For LGBT People?

I think for some of us aging is harder. I follow the Keto diet routinely. I work out more often and I’ll pretty much do anything to fight the aging process. And I know I’m not alone in feeling this way. 

There’s a survey at the link below designed for LGBT who are aging. 

Whatever age you are, we want to know how you feel. We’re hoping to create a picture of what our community feels about ageing. If you’re a teen, a senior, or anywhere in between, we want to hear your voice.
Gay Star News is working with organisations and individuals dedicated to helping improve the future of older LGBTI people. We will be sharing the results with them, and publishing them, to ensure the information you share influences the right people.

Here’s the link. On the plus side of all this vanity, there are a lot of health benefits that go along with the fear of aging. And you do feel better, physically.

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Zakar Twins and Sexual Assault; Monica Lewinsky Sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"; Throwing Eggs At Gays In Wilton Manors

Zakar Twins and Sexual Assault

The Zakar twins are male models, and they recently brought sexual assault allegations against photographer, Rick Day.

Zach recounts a similar story, sharing that, “Before we start shooting, [Day] bluntly says: ‘I’m going to shoot you, then you’re going to make me shoot.’ I nervously laughed because I didn’t know if he was serious or not.”

The rest is here. 

Don’t miss the comments. 

Monica Lewinsky Sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

I’ve never been to Club Cumming, but I think I would love it. I love things like this.

Alan Cumming had a pretty big guest at his New York City bar, atply titled Club Cumming, on Monday (23 July) night. It was none other than Monica Lewinsky.
The anti-bullying advocate was at the bar celebrating her 45th birthday and she ended up on stage herself.
But not before the whole crowd sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. She tweeted out a video of the moment, calling herself a ‘lucky girl’.

Here’s more. There’s a great video, too. She’s actually pretty good, and the pianist is excellent. 

Throwing Eggs At Gays In Wilton Manors
For those who don’t know, Wilton Manors is the ultimate gay neighborhood in Florida. So it’s hard to believe something like this could happen there. 
WILTON MANORS, Fla. – Brian Carter said he and two friends were standing outside of Gym Bar inWilton Manors Monday Night when someone started throwing eggs at them.
“I mostly just heard the yelling and was pelted right away,” Carter said. “It was a pretty heavy hit right here, but it splattered so much and it hit a couple other people.”

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Trump’s New Policy Will Force US Soldiers with HIV Out; Wiz Khalifa’s Homophobic Banana Eating Rant; What Is the Equality Act?

Trump’s New Policy Will Force US Soldiers with HIV Out

I wanted to link to something reliable, so this is from Bloomberg. 

The policy, announced in February, directs the Pentagon to discharge service members who can’t be deployed outside of the U.S. for more than 12 consecutive months “for any reason.” It takes effect Oct. 1.

An earlier directive put in place at the height of the AIDS crisis prevents service members with HIV from deploying overseas, meaning the new policy “makes it effectively impossible for people living with HIV to serve,” the soldier said Thursday in a filing seeking an injunction against the rule. There are about 1,200 soldiers with HIV, according to the complaint.
You can read the rest, here.  It goes into a lot more detail far better than I could with something this important. I highly suggest you check this one out.
What Is The Equality Act?
This is important to understand. This piece goes into a fairly well-detailed explanation of the Equality Act, and how it originated. But more important, what it means to LGBT people. 
A recent example is the Masterpiece Cakeshop Supreme Court case, in which cases the Justice decided narrowly for a baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.
Federal, nationwide protections for LGBTI people in the area of public accommodation could have avoided this.
Here’s more. The bible thumpers aren’t going to like this one. The Equality Act dates back to 1974. 

Wiz Khalifa’s Homophobic Banana Eating Rant

I’m going to apologize for linking to this ahead of time, but I thought it was interesting because of the way some on Twitter replied.

Apparently, if you’re a straight guy, and you eat a banana from the peel like a normal person, people might get the wrong idea about your sexuality.

Here’s the rest. As I said, it’s more about the Tweets/replies with this one. 

For those who don’t know, Khalifa is a rapper. 

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Children With No Gender At All; "Rub andTug" May Be Scrapped After Scarlett Johansson Dropped Out; Cuba and Gay Marriage

Children With No Gender At All

I’m curious about this one. I don’t think it’s ever been done before either, at least not until recently.

Nate and Julia Sharpe are raising their three-year-old twins with no gender at all. Coined “theybies,” the couple do not reveal the biological sex of their children to anyone, including the children themselves. The couple are the center of a new report from NBC News, exploring the world of gender-free parenting that many millennial are beginning to use.

Here’s the rest. There are more parents doing this, too. There’s a Facebook group for people with theybies with over 200 members. 

While I think this is a little extreme, I think it’s wonderful that we’re slowly moving toward breaking down all gender stereotypes. 

Rub and Tug” May Be Scrapped After Scarlett Johansson Dropped Out

I find it hard to believe that there isn’t a transgender man out there who could play a transgender male character in a movie. In fact, I don’t believe it. 

 Rub & Tug, a film about a trans man named Dante ‘Tex’ Gill, may be scrapped after Scarlett Johansson stepped down from the lead role.

Here’s more. They go into a lot more back story, and they explain why Johansson backed out of the role. Some of the comments are disturbing, though. It’s amazing to see so many who simply do not understand why Johansson backed out. 

Cuba and Gay Marriage

This sounds promising for LGBT people in Cuba.

The draft of Cuba’s new constitution opens the path to same-sex marriage, a government official said on Saturday, which would make the country that once persecuted homosexuals an unlikely leader in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.

You can read more, here. It’s short, but gives a few good details. 

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