12 Excellent Pride Photos; Keiynan Lonsdale On Letting the Balls Breathe; Homophobic Letters To Gay US Politician

12 Excellent Pride Photos

I still love seeing all these photos. They never get tired.

As Pride season reaches its zenith, Queerty and our friends at Target want to see what makes your celebration special. Show us what makes you thoughtful, vibrant, strong, loving, and fabulous.

You can check it all out, here. 

Keiynan Lonsdale On Letting the Balls Breathe

Lonsdale seems to be an advocate for gender neutral clothing, and he’s not without critics on social media who seem to think they have a special right to offer their unsolicited opinions…trolls.

But it’s the way Lonsdale responds that’s so wonderful. You can’t let trolls get away with anything.

To which The Flash star, who came out as bisexual last year, swiftly clapped back: “Dude you gotta stop tweeting me about it & just go try one on yourself. It’s only a piece of clothing & it’s fun ?”
Then he added: “Also allows the balls to breathe and therefore will chill ya out.”

Here’s the rest. 

Homophobic Letters To Gay US Politician

I’ve seen this story going around, but I wasn’t paying much attention to it until now. I’m not that familiar with this politician. Even though I live in New Hope, PA, it’s a huge state and that part of PA is about as familiar to me as a small country in eastern Europe.

This is really alarming, though.

Brian Sims, an openly gay Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, revealed his office recently received hateful and homophobic letters.
He made a Facebook post with images of the hand-written letters on Tuesday (26 June).
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