Why Some Gay Men Don’t Like LGBT Pride; Gay For Pay Michael Hoffman Comes Out of Retirement; Alarming Stats For LGBT Employees

Why Some Gay Men Don’t Like LGBT Pride

I find this interesting because I know a lot of gay men and women and I’ve heard the same things from them over the years. I know trans people who’ve said similar things. I just couldn’t put all that in the headline. But I would imagine almost everyone who falls under the LGBTQIA umbrella has an opinion.

Here’s a link to a piece that talks about why some don’t like Pride and won’t support it.

‘It’s a circus and has no relevance to its original purpose,’ says Sez Robbins – a sentiment liked by many on Facebook. ‘Most of those in attendance have no idea what previous generations went through!’
This was echoed by Perry Gentry: ‘Too much of a circus, too many tourists, too much drug use and drunkenness, and frankly I didn’t see what gyrating half-naked gym bodies on floats has to do with Pride for those of us who are average.’

You can read more with this link. If you’re curious about just how diverse LGBT people can be, you’ll want to check this one out.

As for me, I never was a huge active participant in Pride. However, I love seeing it happen and I hope it continues for a very long time. I think we need it.

Gay For Pay Michael Hoffman Comes Out of Retirement

I like to keep up with these things partly because all news outlets ignore them and partly because I find them interesting. It always bothered me that adult entertainment is one of the biggest businesses in the world and no one ever talks about it openly in public.

This just in: 25-year-old amateur gay-for-pay solo performer Michael Hoffman has officially come out of retirement.

Four years ago, Hoffman was at the top of his game. He was known as the young, hot, tatted-up bodybuilder who posted a series of videos to a number of pay-for-view gay sites and raked in tens of thousands of dollars.

You can check more out, here. There are photos and a couple of videos…and it’s all SFW. 

Alarming Stats For LGBT Employees

This is disillusioning, and I didn’t know anything about it until I read this article. It’s also a good example of how far we still have to go.

A new report from the Human Right Campaign reveals that nearly half of all LGBTQ employees in the United States are not out at work.
A Workplace Divided: Understanding the Climate for LGBTQ Workers Nationwide is the third such report from HRC. The two prior reports had closeted employees above 50%, showing there has been progress — but not much.

Here’s more. It gets into double standards and alienation. I think it’s absolutely amazing how many people who are not gay think they know everything there is about being gay based on what they’ve seen in Pride events or on TV. I get something gay splained to me every single day of my life. And I think that’s part of the problem. 

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