Opening All The Closets of Hollywood’s Golden Age; New LGBT Films/Shows That Are Out; Cop Accused of Raping Man

Opening All the Closets of Hollywood’s Golden Age

This is probably something that was bound to happen sooner or later, and I’m shocked there isn’t more out there like it. Someone wrote a book exposing all the double standards and the hypocrisy of old Hollywood and now it’s a documentary. But I also think it could be classified as part of gay history, too.

In the 1940s and ‘50s, Scotty ran a gas station in the shadow of the studio lots where he would connect his friends with actors and actresses who had to hide their true sexual identities for fear of police raids at gay bars, societal shunning and career suicide. An unsung Hollywood legend, Bowers would cater to the sexual appetites of celebrities—straight and gay–for decades.

Here’s more.   There’s a discussion on the comment thread about whether or not things like this should be exposed years later. And I worry about the kind of self-loathing gay person that sees something wrong in talking about these secrets so many years later. There is NO SHAME in being gay. It’s just a shame that people had to hide it back then.

LGBT Films/Shows That Are Out

Here’s a piece that lists a few LGBT film releases that are out, and other shows.

This miniseries looks good…Man In the Orange Shirt

Debuting June 18, this PBS miniseries features Oscar-winning legend Vanessa Redgrave. Inspired by the life of writer Patrick Gale’s father, Man in an Orange Shirt chronicles the secret love affair of two British soldiers against the backdrop of World War II. We’ve seen an advanced copy of the film, and can already say it recalls Brokeback Mounatin‘s sensual love, though this time, with a twist: the love story takes place in flashback, while the soldier’s present-day, also-gay grandson deals with his own issues of love, sex, and masculinity.

Here are the rest. 

Cop Accused of Raping Man

This happened in Salem, MA. The cop is claiming one thing and the alleged victim is claiming another. It’s complicated.

A police officer in Salem, Massachusetts is accused of raping a young man in protective custody in 2016, but Patrolman Brian Butler and his defense lawyer claim it was consensual.
On the morning of Halloween, 2016, Butler, now 57, engaged in sexual acts with the young man. However, the victim — who was in a holding cell in the Salem police station, naked but for a blanket — maintains he was coerced.

Here’s more. I hate to comment on these things. Let the courts decide.

In print or e-book

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Altered Parts: Limited Edition

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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