A Jury Sentences Man To Death Because He’s Gay; Frank Discussion About LGBTI and Gender Issues For the Vatican; Warwick Rowers Banned From Instagram

A Jury Sentences Man To Death Because He’s Gay

This is kind of ironic because it reminds me of the post I wrote last week about the Netflix true crime series, The Staircase. In that post I questioned how a jury reacted to bisexuality, and this confirms my suspicions about a so-called “jury of your peers.”

But this is really scary…that people are so stupid they would actually think this…

Some of the jurors who imposed the death penalty on Charles Rhines, who was convicted of murder, have said they thought the alternative — a life sentence served in a men’s prison — was something he would enjoy as a gay man.

Here’s the rest. 

Jury selection needs to be reevaluated when it comes to LGBTI people, in general. I think we’ll be hearing more about this issue in the future with other cases.

Frank Discussion About LGBTI and Gender Issues For the Vatican

The Vatican asked young people to give them feedback through a survey, for a gathering of bishops next fall. And according to the survey findings, these young people want to hear more about LGBTI issues and gender issues.

Young people in the survey said the church should “face in a concrete way controversial topics like homosexuality and gender issues,” noting that they discuss them “without taboos.”

You can check that out, here.  They use the word “homosexuality” in the article, which I prefer not to do here on this blog. 

Warwick Rowers Banned From Instagram

I didn’t know Instagram censored things this way. 

Without so much as a warning shot, the Instagram account of the Warwick Rowers has been removed until further notice.
The collegiate rowing club known the world over for their fundraising photo shoots announced the sudden move on Monday.
You can read more, here. There’s a photo of the guys, and there’s also a link where you can see more photos. It gets into more about what can and cannot be posted to Instagram.
I stick to landscapes and puppies on Instagram. 

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