Tab Hunter’s Essay About Tony Perkins; Pope Francis Slams Gays Again; LGBTI Jews Wary of Chicago Dyke March

Tab Hunter’s Essay About Tony Perkins

What makes this entire subject so moving is that it’s not just limited to Hollywood stars. Millions of gay people over the course of time experienced this same kind of secret hidden relationship. We hid because of shame; we hid for our own safety; many hid because of religion. We sacrificed soul mates and lovers because we couldn’t be who we were, openly. And it’s only recently we’ve started talking about it. Unfortunately, many of us still can’t talk about it.

Here’s an excerpt from an essay Tab Hunter wrote about Tony Perkins. An essay like this never could have been written back when these two men were younger. It would have destroyed them.

It was a hot day so I swung by the Chateau Marmont for a swim. And that’s when I first saw Tony. He was there with a songwriter friend, and they were all around the pool. He had just been filming Friendly Persuasion with Gary Cooper and Dorothy McGuire. I went for a swim and when I came out my friend Venetia Stevenson said, “Oh I want you to meet Tony – do you know him?” We hadn’t met, but I already knew that he was a very fine actor. He was at Paramount and I was with Warner Brothers. We just chatted and got on and soon we were starting to see each other.

You can check this out, here. 

Pope Francis Slams Gays Again

I stopped trying to figure this Pope out a long time ago. Nothing is ever consistent and at this point I don’t expect it to ever be consistent. 

However, during unscripted remarks at Forum delle Famiglie, an Italian group for Catholic families, he closed the door on the idea of same-sex couples forming a family within the Church.

You can read the rest here. You never have to wonder why so many Catholic parishes and schools have been closing up since the beginning of this century. 

LGBTI Jews Wary of Chicago Dyke March

I think I posted about this last year. It made huge headlines everywhere. 

Last year at the March, a group of Jewish lesbians were asked to leave after marching with a rainbow flag that had a Star of David on it. The organizers justified their removal on the basis of the March being ‘anti-Zionist.’ However, the Star of David has been a symbol of Judaism since the 13th century—long before the creation of the modern state of Israel.

Here’s the rest. It doesn’t sound as though things are going to change much this year, and Jewish LGBTI people say they feel unwelcome and some are even worried for their safety.  It’s an interesting read that you won’t see on your local recycled TV news. 

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Altered Parts: Limited Edition

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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