Orrin Hatch’s Compassionate Pride Speech; Gay World Cup Fan Attacked; Florida Man Exposes Himself In Target

Conservative Orrin Hatch’s Compassionate Pride Speech

This doesn’t totally surprise me. I’ve been saying all along how things will change eventually. I am, however, slightly surprised that it came from this conservative.

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch previously had less than kind words to say about the LGBT community. On Wednesday (13 June), he took the floor of the United States Senate and gave a compassionate speech about Pride month, signaling an apparent change of heart.
The 84-year-old Mormon who hails from Utah said in his speech that LGBT youth ‘deserve to feel loved, cared for and accepted for who they are’.
You can read the rest here. This is a huge turn around for Hatch. It’s an interesting read.  

Gay World Cup Fan Attacked
Here’s more dismal news from the global front about a same sex couple attacked in St. Petersburg. One is in the hospital with a “severe” brain injury. 
Doctors discovered he had a brain contusion and open craniocerebral injury, as well as an upper jaw fracture.
The victims’ telephones and money were also taken during the attack.
Two men in their 20s, named as Ismet Gaidarov and Rasul Magomedev, were arrested in connection with the attack.
Here’s more. It goes on to discuss how unsafe things still are in Russia for gay people, which is a shame because no one should have to live that way. 

Florida Man Exposes Himself In Target
This is an odd story about a young good looking guy in Florida who flashed customers in Target on a bet. 
Richard Kuhn, 21, was offered $20 by a friend if he walked around the store flashing shoppers.
He was quickly arrested and released on a $3,000 bond (so only $2,980 when you factor in the $20 he made).
You can check this out, here. There’s photo of the guy. 

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