Popular Gay Comedian Tom Ballard Accused of Sexual Harassment; College Student Fights Off Gay Hating Mob In Salt Lake City; Gay Pride Parades Split European Catholics

Popular Gay Comedian Tom Ballard Accused of Sexual Harassment

Tom Ballard is popular in Australia so I’ve never heard of him before.

According to this article, Ballard has been accused of sexually harassing another male comedian who identifies as straight. Here’s a statement from the alleged victim…

I go to his hotel room after a gig; eager to learn about the art form I’ve been practicing for a month, not knowing what’s about to happen. He offers me a glass of port wine. What fun we are having, I think. He finishes his glass, reaches over and grabs my glass, takes a sip then hands it back. He kisses me then. Sticks his tongue right into my mouth.

The alleged victim goes into a lot more detail about what happened to him. 

You can check the rest out at this link. Ballard is denying all allegations, and the police decided not to pursue the matter. Read the comments with this one. 

College Student Fights Off Gay Hating Mob In Salt Lake City

Here’s a story about a very brave young man who’s being called a hero because he fought off a mob of bullies who were intimidating LGBT people during a Pride event in Salt Lake City.

“My thought process was that you guys are already harassing people to the point where they felt they had to come inside our store just to be safe. I’m not going to let you and your friends in to cause more trouble,” he told me in a phone interview

You can check it out, here.  He’s been very humble about this, too. 

Gay Pride Parades Split European Catholics

As a Catholic I can’t say this surprises me. It’s the same here in the US. The only thing that surprises me is that I know for a fact there are closeted gay priests living double lives. I’ve known them all my life, and I’ve posted about them here on this blog a few times. So why do they keep hiding it? I can’t imagine living that way. 

While clergy in the United States debate different approaches that Catholics should take on gay pride parades that will hit the streets in June, faithful in largely Catholic European countries are also split.
For some Catholics, the festive parades were “a demonstration of sin” and “blasphemous, iniquitous and detestable offences,” while others called for “equal dignity, regardless of sexual orientation” and “to cultivate a sense of respect.”

Here’s more. 

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Altered Parts: Limited Edition

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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