Restaurant Owner Calls Gay Customers "Disgusting"; Gay Christians Engaging In "Loving Self-Denial"; Pulse Nightclub Victims Suing Orlando

Restaurant Owner Calls Gay Customers “Disgusting”

According to this article, a restaurant owner allegedly called two gay women “disgusting.” They were customers in his restaurant at the time.

One of the women posted her experience on social media, and the brother of one of the women who was with them made a statement, too.

The wife of the restaurant owner is now apologizing and making excuses for her husband because he’s old. But people on Yelp are not having any of that.

“Just discovered on the early morning news the owner is a homophobic and transgender bigot,” one reviewer writes. “You think because he’s 77 that’s an excuse? I’m 78 and had enough upbringing to respect others as I wish to be. Degrading people for who they are is disgusting.”

You can read the rest here.  I don’t think age is a good excuse for this kind of thing either.

Gay Christians Engaging In “Loving Self-Denial”

This article states that a great deal of millennials are now following something called “The Side B Movement.”

Side B is for LGBTQ identifying Christians who don’t deny their sexualities, but rather pledge to keep them contained by partaking in “loving self-denial” (a.k.a. celibacy).
“Side B means embracing Christ as the core of your identity,” Bennett explains. “It’s submitting these [same-sex] desires, along with everything else, to him.”
You can check this one out, here. It’s complicated. 
Pulse Nightclub Victims Suing Orlando 
According to this one, the victims and the estates of those who died in the Pulse Nightclub massacre are suing Orlando, FL and the police. 
In the lawsuit, these plaintiffs argue that the defendants, including officer Adam Gruler who was providing security for the nightclub that night, ‘acting under the color of the law… deprived Plaintiffs of their interest in life, liberty and property by violating Plaintiff’s right to personal security and substantive due process as described herein, which caused Plaintiffs to suffer injuries’.
Here’s the rest. I’ll follow up on this one as soon as something new is posted. The city of Orlando has also issued a statement. 
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