No One Will Sleep With Gay Republican; Coddled Millennials and Their Virginity; Fed Prisons Roll Back Protections For Trans People

No One Will Sleep With Gay Republican

If you take into consideration that I know nothing at all about hook up apps, it’s no wonder I find things like this interesting. It’s a letter written to that Savage guy, and his reply.

Here’s part of the letter.

I am a 28-year-old gay white male living in Houston, Texas. In the six years since I came out and became sexually active, I have used various apps off and on, for dating and for sex. I like to think I have done my best to be respectful of the people I have slept with. Recently, I have noticed a handful of profiles that explicitly state “I do not sleep with republicans” or “Trump supporters swipe left.”

Here’s part of the reply.

 Sensible, self-respecting gay men don’t wanna fuck you because you did real and lasting harm to millions of your fellow Americans.

Here’s more.  

Coddled Millennials and Their Virginity

I have to wonder about this one. I know a lot of millennials and I don’t think any of them are virgins. 

A new study from University College London has found that Millennials are shaping up to be one the most chaste generations ever.

The study tracked more than 16,000 people born between 1989 and 1990 since they were 14 years old. Researchers found that Millennials are waiting longer–like, way longer–than previous generations to have sex, with one-in-eight Millennials report still being virgins at age 26.

You can read more, here. Some researchers are blaming this on overexposure to sex and porn. 

Fed Prisons Roll Back Protections For Trans People

Clearly, this bothers me. 

The Trump administration has rolled back protections for transgender prison inmates introduced under former President Barack Obama after some prisoners challenged the policies in court.

An inmate’s biological sex will now be used to make the initial decision as to where transgender prisoners are housed, instead of the gender to which they identify, according to a change in guidelines announced on Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.

You can read more about this, here. It goes into more detail. 

This whole thing goes much deeper. According to this next piece, it was four Evangelical Christian women who sued that sparked all this, because they didn’t feel safe with trans women. It’s also a direct attack on Obama-era regulations.  Here’s the link.  

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