"Sorry Angel" and Gay Life and Dirty Cinemas In 1990s Paris; Lesbian Forced To Remove Offensive Pride Flag; New Hampshire Bans Conversion Therapy For Gay Youth

Sorry Angel and Gay Life and Dirty Cinemas In 1990s Paris 

Here’s another movie with gay content they’re calling a “queer romance” without even knowing what romance as defined by genre means, and without even bothering to understand that many gay men don’t identify as “queer.”

I don’t care what anyone told you in high school. Romeo and Juliet was not a romance.

But I’m not going to judge anything yet. It might be a wonderful film. The only thing I can find about Sorry Angel are those questionable movie reviews with big words and long sentences, from the typical sources you see every year during Cannes.

But this review seems to be honest enough.

 Christophe Honoré’s Sorry Angel is the story of a 90s-set love affair. It is often poignant and humorous but also placid and complacent, with performances bordering on the self-regarding and even faintly insufferable. 

There’s more, here. 

Lesbian Forced To Remove Offensive Pride Flag

Here’s one where the Pride flag is being compared to the Confederate flag. I understand how HOAs work, and we have a very strict HOA in Palm Springs, but to compare the Pride flag to the Confederate flag just leaves me shaking my head.

A renter in a Brevard County, Florida neighborhood was asked to remove the pride flag she’s flown for the last two years, with a member of the local Homeowner’s Association calling flag “offensive.”

Jennifer Raymond, who rents a home in Ashwood Lakes Subdivision, was contacted by her landlord, Anthony Posada after he received an email from the Homeowner’s Association’s Architectural Review Committee.

You can read more, here.

New Hampshire Bans Conversion Therapy For Gay Youth

I think we might finally be seeing an end to all this. It’s important to protect LGBT kids, too.

The New Hampshire state legislature today (10 May) sent Governor Chris Sununu a bill protecting LGBTQ youth from conversion therapy.
As defined, HB 587, ‘prohibits persons licensed to provide counseling services to propose to engage or engage in conversion therapy with a person under 18 years of age’.

Here’s more. 

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Altered Parts: Limited Edition

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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