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World Gay Otter Day Stuns Them; Transgender Student In Rancho Mirage Shows "True Colors"; A Gay Gag-worthy Photo Shoot; First Trans Man Andrew Christian Model

World Gay Otter Day Stuns Them 

You should have seen the straight people on social media scratching their heads on World Otter Day this Wednesday.  And I’m not talking about right wing homophobic conservatives who hate us already. I’m talking about the left wing liberals who think they know everything there is to know about being gay, and they can’t wait to “splain” it to us.

Of course the term “otter” is used so often in gay culture gay people couldn’t resist using it with a #WorldOtterDay hashtag as much as they could on Wednesday.

But on a more somber note, there actually are valid reasons to celebrate World Otter Day that have nothing at all to do with being gay, and I support them all. But the term is still a part of gay culture.

For those of you who don’t know what a gay otter is, here’s a definition from Urban Dictionary.

A gay man who is very hairy all over his body, but is smaller in frame and weighs considerably less than a bear.

I’m sure many still don’t know, so don’t say anything. Let’s not ruin things for them. They like to think of us as pet poodles. 

Transgender Student In Rancho Mirage Shows “True Colors”

I love linking to sources that are local to Palm Springs, CA, where Tony and I have a home. And this publication I’m linking to right now is always fascinating, honest, and shares positive LGBT news with their mainstream readers. In fact, this publication is my favorite to follow on Twitter. I know I’m getting real news, not fake news.

In any event, here’s a story about a trans high school student who produced a short film that’s been well received so far.

But in the past four years, 17-year-old Delgado has learned to navigate the complexities of identity. During his freshman year, when he still identified as female, he came out as a lesbian. Four years later, the graduating senior, who was born as Jasmine Delgado, is now introducing the world to Jayden through film.

You can read more about the film, here. 

A Gay Gag-worthy Photo Shoot

The headline states that everyone’s gagging over this photo shoot. 

The guys from HBO’s Insecure just posed for GQ’s latest spread and they have everyone feeling a 
little, well, parched.

Here’s more. I haven’t seen Insecure yet, but these photos are actually pretty good.

First Trans Man Andrew Christian Model

LGBTQIA history was made once again this week. This time it’s pop culture history.

Meet Jesse Diamond. The San Diego-based personal trainer just become the first trans man to be featured in an Andrew Christian underwear campaign.
Diamond appears in the underwear giant’s annual Proud campaign. In an interview with Gay Star Newsthe 27-year-old says his new gig “a dream come true.”

You can check it out, here. This guy is really good looking. But be warned about the comment section with this one. There are a few losers who decided to leave their unsolicited opinions. And they are really insulting and trans-phobic.

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Psychiatrist Compares Gay Sex To Orgasm After Sniffing Underwear; Reactions To Roseanne Cancellation; Pro Wrestler’s Romantic Gay Birthday Song

Psychiatrist Compares Gay Sex To Orgasm After Sniffing Underwear

It’s hard to believe that a doctor would say something like this, but it happened in Ghana and I’ve seen it trending in several places. This all came about because activists in Ghana are calling for the decriminalization of homosexuality and not everyone is on board with that.

Osei but also picked the fetish of sniffing underwear to compare gay sex to, an act that has amused activists.

Here’s the link. It’s really a very serious article and he compares gay sex to much worse than sniffing underwear. You should check it out to see what’s happening on the global front.

Reactions To Roseanne Cancellation

All politics aside, I can’t remember seeing anything as racist as what Roseanne tweeted in a very long time. And I’ve seen a great deal on Twitter. So I have to admit that it passes me by when I see people trying to defend her words.

They’ve reacted to the cancellation as one might expect: by accusing ABC of silencing conservative voices and freaking out that freedom of speech is officially DEAD and calling for everyone to #standwithroseanne and #boycottABC!

Here’s more. They show examples of the tweets. There are comments. 

Pro Wrestler’s Romantic Gay Birthday Song

Here’s a great story about a pro wrestler and his boyfriend. Frankly, I don’t think there can ever be enough of these stories. 

Don’t be fooled by his tough exterior, inside pro wrestler Anthony Bowens is a total softy.
For his boyfriend Michael Pavano’s 24th birthday, Bowens wanted to do something extra special. So he wrote, composed, and recorded a love song called “How We Met”, a smooth R&B jam about, well, how they met.
You can check this out, here. There’s a photo of them, and you can check out the video. 

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The History of the Word "Gay"; Gay Couple Stabbed For Holding Hands; Antarctica Gets Pride Celebration

The History of the Word Gay

There’s a headline making the rounds this week that suggests there was a time when the word gay stopped meaning “happy” and started to mean “same sex relationships,” and it’s not totally correct. It’s just clickbait to advertise something dumb (fake news), and it makes light of something that is fundamental to gay culture. The word gay is not just about same sex relationships. That’s only part of it. 

So here’s the most basic definition. This is always what the word gay meant to me. I never knew anything else. 

In the 1960s, gaybecame the word favored by homosexual men to describe their sexual orientation. By the end of the 20th century, the word gay was recommended by major LGBTgroups and style guides to describe people attracted to members of the same sex.

But there’s even more to it than just this. There’s the pride factor, and fighting for dignity and respect. It wasn’t easy to get people to stop referring to us as “homosexual,” or worse…”queers.” The word took on a whole new meaning at one point, and relationships are only a small part of that. 

GLAAD went so far as to post this, and this is why, if you notice, you rarely see the word homosexual used anymore unless there’s no other word to use or it’s being used as a pejorative.

Please use gay or lesbian to describe people attracted to members of the same sex. Because of the clinical history of the word “homosexual,” it is aggressively used by anti-gay extremists to suggest that gay people are somehow diseased or psychologically/emotionally disordered – notions discredited by the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association in the 1970s. Please avoid using “homosexual” except in direct quotes. Please also avoid using “homosexual” as a style variation simply to avoid repeated use of the word “gay.” The Associated Press, The New York Times and The Washington Post restrict use of the term “homosexual” (see AP & New York Times Style).

And here’s an excellent link that even goes into more detail about the word “gay.” I didn’t know it dated back to the 1950s. I thought it was more like the 60s or 70s. 

By 1955, the word gay now officially acquired the new added definition of meaning homosexual males.  Gay men themselves seem to have been behind the driving thrust for this new definition as they felt (and many still do), that “homosexual” is much too clinical, sounding like a disorder.  As such, it was common amongst the gay community to refer to one another as “gay” decades before this was a commonly known definition (reportedly homosexual men were calling one another gay as early as the 1920s).

Oddly, though, I couldn’t find much information about this one.

Gay Couple Stabbed For Holding Hands

This is still happening, sadly.

And it happened in the US in a place where you’d think you’d be fairly safe.

An unidentified attacker verbally abused a gay couple, then stabbed them in the neck, back and hand.
Christopher Giovanni Huizar, 19, and Gabriel Enrique Roman, 23, went out on Saturday night (26 May) to the Church Nightclub in Denver, Colorado.

Here’s more.  They sound as though they plan to move forward and stay strong.

Antarctica Gets Pride Celebration

We often take pride celebrations for granted in large urban areas, but not everyone gets to celebrate pride. So this is nice to see.

A group of ten LGBTI people working on Antarctica, decided to celebrate the first Pride at the South Pole.
The ten people are working on the United States’ McMurdo Station about 850 miles (1368kms) from the South Pole.,’

Here’s more. I love this, and I know I won’t get any clickbait awards for linking to it, but I think it’s one of the most inspirational things I’ve seen all week. There’s so much hope and love there.

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Kathy Griffin Is Hoping For A US Comeback Tour; Matchmaker Helping Gay Farmers Hook Up; Trans Man Wins Mr. Gay Denmark

Kathy Griffin Is Hoping For A US Comeback Tour

I’m not totally sure if this is a real interview, or if it’s an advertorial promoting Kathy Griffin’s newest tour, Laugh Your Head Off. Frankly, I don’t care. I was never her biggest fan, and I never will be. Not even when she was on Fashion Police. And that had nothing at all to do with the whole Trump/head thing on the Internet.

With that said, I’m linking to this because I’m curious to see how she will be received in the US after what happened with the Trump thing on the Internet.

It’s a long interview, and this is only part of the answer. The most interesting thing is how she avoids the question entirely. In fact, that may be the funniest thing she’s done in years.

Why are US audiences ready for your comeback? What has changed between May 2017 and now? 

Pretty soon after the picture, I called my stand-up agent and I said, “Are there actual cities in countries overseas where they’re going to want someone to come over and talk shit about Trump?” Two weeks later I had 15 countries and 23 cities. That was really important because of course the audiences over there were receptive. They don’t think Fox News is real. Although can I tell you, Fox News was on in every country I went to. How much of a bummer is that?

You can read more here.  And the comments are interesting. 

Matchmaker Helping Gay Farmers Hook Up

I know someone who’s been in the closet all his life and he also lives in a rural area in the Midwest. He’s a middle aged gay virgin who would love to meet other guys, but he doesn’t have access to anything even remotely related to gay life where he lives. And he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met online. So I’m hoping someone does something like this here in the US, too. 

Don’t be thrown by the name, “The Farmer Wants A Wife” matches single country folk of all orientations–men seeking men, men seeking women, women seeking women, and everything in between.
The dating service launched in Ireland just last year and has already proven to be a huge success. It may soon be expanding across the U.K.

Here’s more to the story. 

Trans Man Wins Mr. Gay Denmark

This was nice to read.

Denmark has made history after a Danish trans man was crowned Mr Gay Denmark 2018.
The Scandinavian country, which has been criticised in the past for “lagging behind” in LGBTI rights, changed the tide of history by voting a transgender male as its new Mr Gay icon.

Here’s more. It goes into a lot more detail about his personal journey, too. 

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Grindr Goes Down and Gay Twitter Explodes; George Takei Wishes Accuser Peace; People In US Identifying As LGBT Hits Record High

Grindr Goes Down and Gay Twitter Explodes

This is amusing.

In the wee early hours of May 22, Grindr unexpectedly went down. Many users couldn’t log on. Naturally, they had a meltdown.

You can check out some of the tweets here

One user compared it to the apocalypse. 

George Takei Wishes Accuser Peace

The person who accused George Takei of  a sexual assault that allegedly happened many years ago has back tracked…completely. One of the things he said is that it may have been a “misunderstanding.”

And George Takei reacted swiftly. 

‘As many of you know, this has been a very difficult period for myself and my husband Brad as we have dealt with the impact of these accusations,’ he wrote.
‘We are happy to see that this nightmare is finally drawing to a close.’
I’m not the biggest fan of George Takei, but it had nothing to do with this. What happened to him was awful and it should never have happened in the first place. And I think we’re living in very difficult, scary times. 
People In US Identifying As LGBT Hits Record High
I’ve been predicting this for a long time. 
The number of Americans who openly identify as LGBT has hit a record high after increasing for the sixth year in a row, according to a new study.
I predict that it’s even going to climb higher. And that’s because so many are still in the closet and can’t come out for their own valid, important personal reasons. 
I also predict the gay stereotypes will start to diminish as well. We’re not all the way you see us portrayed by the media and Hollywood. And more and more of us are speaking up about that. 

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Abortion and Gay Marriage are Two VERY Different Issues; 13 Reasons Why Review, and Why It Fails; Out Candidate Michael Aycox

Abortion and Gay Marriage Are Two VERY Different Issues

This isn’t about whether or not someone supports pro-choice or abortion. I don’t weigh in on topics like that here. This is about comparing gay marriage to abortion. That’s as far as it goes.

The issue of abortion came up recently in Ireland and I’ve seen a lot of people comparing gay marriage to abortion, again. They always do this. But the problem is that comparing the two is actually an insult to all gay people, not to mention the fact that there are valid reasons why they shouldn’t be compared. Like Gobal Warming and science, there are facts to consider. You don’t get to pick and choose how these things work based on your emotions or your opinions.

The resounding endorsement of same-sex marriage by Irish voters is leading many to wonder whether the cultural sea-change it reflects will accelerate a push to liberalise the abortion law. However, to equate the two issues is not justified by facts.

Data from the US, although a very different context than Ireland, indicate that abortion and same-sex marriage should be seen as quite distinct issues.

You can read the rest of this one, here. 

Tread with care the next time you compare gay marriage to abortion. Or at least know the facts first.

13 Reasons Why Review, and Why It Fails

I started watching the first 3 episodes of the second season of 13 Reasons Why, and I don’t think I’m going to be able to get through the rest.  But I’m not reviewing this one. I’d rather just link to another review. I think it’s all been said already. 

I many not totally agree with everything in this review, but I agree with most of it. 

Let’s get this out of the way before we talk about anything else: there was no good reason to bring 13 Reasons Why back for a second season. The show’s first season was the target of repeated criticism, and for good reason. That season depicted sexual assault and other violent encounters without proper content warnings. It also glorified suicide to such an extent that it was difficult to write about the ways in which it glorified suicide without, in turn, glorifying suicide — and inspired multiple real-life copycat suicides.

Here’s the rest. It’s very in-depth, and well worth the read. 

Out Candidate Michael Aycox

Here’s something that’s been making news all week about out candidate Michael Aycox. 

Queerty spoke with Aycox about his historic campaign, what it’s like being an openly gay candidate in a deeply red state, and about that time his dad downloaded Grindr (awkward!). Check out what he had to say…

Here’s more. 

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Retro Gay Porn: Sgt. Swann’s Private Files; You Tube’s Philanthropist "MrBeast" and Homophobia; The Latest On John Travolta

Retro Gay Porn: Sgt Swann’s Private Files and Dirk Yates

This post is SFW, and I keep this web site PG Rated at all times, but sometimes I like to link to things like this that are NSFW…so you’ve been warned.

The Sgt. Swann Videos from the 80s are classic gay adult entertainment, and worth checking out if you’ve never seen them. From a pop cultural POV, this is the sort of thing that was part of the golden years of gay porn. I missed all that and I find it fascinating.

Description: The movie that started it all for acclaimed Director Dirk Yates in 1985 available on DVD with special bonus content. A Seabag Production starring Glenn Swann with a special appearance by Rick Donovan. Working as a Drill Instructor (DI), SGT Glenn Swann has many experiences with marines and while off duty has more than his share of contact with sailors. 

Here’s more. 

And here’s a link to a list of all Dirk Yates movies. 

It’s interesting that there isn’t more information out there. I have to revisit this and do a longer post in the future…if I’m able. 

You Tube’s Philanthropist “MrBeast” and Homophobia

According to this link, there’s a 20 year old on YouTube named “Jimmy” that’s been dubbed YouTube’s biggest philanthropist because he gives away money in unusual ways. His alias is “MrBeast.” It’s actually interesting…but there’s a twist. An alleged homophobic twist. 

Jimmy regularly uses the notion of being gay as a punchline and treats the word like a slur, hurling it at people or things he’s attempting to diss. “Windows is gay,” he tweeted regarding his frustration using the operating system in December 2015. More recently, in December 2016, he responded to a tweet saying “I don’t have a printer fag.” Just this past December, in 2017, he replied to another person on Twitter, “STFU fag.”

You can check that out, here.  I can’t comment because I’ve never seen him. 

The Latest On John Travolta

I didn’t know how to title this part of the post. It covers a lot of ground, and gives more insight into the gay rumors about Travolta. 

As for those gay rumors that have followed Travolta since, well, forever, Rinder has this to say: “I cannot say if he is gay or not. I’m not going to speculate. All I know is it would be a catastrophe if he or anyone else in Scientology came out as gay. You can’t. The church is anti-gay even if they don’t publicize it.”

Here’s the rest of it. 

I still believe that no one should ever be forced to come out as gay. It’s too personal. So whether Travolta is gay or not isn’t my concern. 

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What Is MeWe About? Gay Adult Film Company and Smear Campaign; Mansplaining Harassment To Jessica Walter; Nico Tortorella’s Gender Neutral Makeover

What Is MeWe About?

The web site,, is billing itself as “The Next-Gen Social Network.” From what I gather, it’s something like Facebook, but not exactly. I don’t know much about it, and I doubt I’ll be doing anything there soon. I just thought I’d pass the info on for anyone who might be interested.

MeWe is the world’s private communication network. We turn the table on Facebook and other social media companies with a revolutionary service that emphasizes privacy and social sharing where people can be their true, uncensored selves. No spying. No cookies. No data sharing.

Here’s the link. I’m curious to see how this will work out. I remember when everyone said that Google Plus would be the next new Facebook.

Gay Adult Film Company and Smear Campaign

There used to be an old stone house here in New Hope where they shot gay adult films. I remember the guys who owned it, and some of the actors. But they weren’t renting. They owned the building and they had every right to do whatever they wanted to do. I have no idea how this works with rental properties.

According to this piece, a woman in Massachusetts rented her home out, and the renters turned out to be the owners of an adult film company that makes gay porn. The woman claims she had no idea they were going to use her property as an adult film location, so she sued them. Aside from the obvious complaints about having a porn company shoot movies in her home, there’s another twist.

Bassett also accused Mile High Media of having a “history of predatory practices,” including pedophile-themed plots in their films. She specifically pointed to the films Schoolboy Fantasies 2 and His Son’s Best Friend Volume 1 as examples, both of which were filmed inside her house.

Here’s the rest. The porn company is counter-suing for defamation. The comments are interesting…from a legal perspective.

Mansplaining Harassment To Jessica Walter

I saw this trending last night on Twitter and I think what bothered me the most was the mansplaining. I get that in the form of straightsplaining all the time from straight people who know nothing about gay men. And there’s really no plausible excuse for it.

Even though the incident sounded very traumatizing for Walter – she actually cries during the interview – it was the way Tambor’s male costars defended him that has attracted the most criticism.

You can read this in full, here. There’s also a clip where you can hear Walter crying.

It’s powerful.

Nico Tortorella’s Gender Neutral Makeover

I think I like Tortorella even more now. They are always doing something new, out of the proverbial box, and positive. And whether you like it or not, too bad for you. I think more people will be doing this.

‘I just pretty recently have come to terms with the fact that maybe I am not fully cisgender,’ they explais in the piece, as well as on Instagram.
‘This isn’t something I’ve actually talked about on a public level quite yet.’

Here’s more, with a photo of Nico’s makeover. They look great.

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13 Reasons Why Graphic Male Rape Scene; David Grimm Wins Landmark Trans Bathroom Case; Gay Porn Actor Found Guilty In Revenge Porn Case

13 Reasons Why Graphic Male Rape Scene

I haven’t started watching the second season of 13 Reasons Why, so this is news to me. But I did a few posts last year about season 1, and one of those posts got into some of the backlash the show received about teen suicide. In fact, if you do a simple search for “backlash 13 Reasons Why,” you’ll find quite a bit of information.

It looks as if they’re at it again this season, and this time the controversy is with male rape.

The second season of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, which premiered earlier this week, is once again courting controversy. This time it’s over an incredibly graphic male rape scene in the season finale.
The show’s creator, Brian Yorkey, has defended the scene, telling Vulture: “We are committed on this show to telling truthful stories about things that young people go through in as unflinching a way as we can.”

There’s a lot more, here. They get into some graphic details about the male rape scene. And there are tweets from people who reacted. I obviously can’t comment because I haven’t seen it yet. But frankly, I tend to prefer TV that leans more toward controversial topics. And I’m not easily offended like many people are these days.

Gavin Grimm Wins Landmark Trans Bathroom Case

If you recall, Gavin Grimm is the young person from Virginia who has been standing up against discrimination for a long time, and fighting for the right to use the school bathroom that goes with his gender identity. Although Grimm was assigned female at birth, they came out as trans.

Instead, the judge ruled that both Title IX – a federal law which bars sex discrimination in education – and the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution had been broken in blocking Grimm.

She also slammed the school board, telling the court: “The location of the bathrooms, coupled with the stigmatisation and physical and mental anguish inflicted upon Mr. Grimm, caused harm.”

You can read this in full, here. 

Gay Porn Actor Found Guilty In Revenge Porn Case

From what I gather Kurtis Peters-Hartman is a gay for pay porn actor so this really isn’t LGBT news, but it is pop culture news. He’s also been on reality TV. And, all alleged revenge porn cases seem to be getting more attention these days everywhere. 

Kurtis Peters-Hartman, who appeared on Ex on the Beach, was found guilty of publishing and circulating revenge porn.
The 22-year-old former gay porn actor appeared at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on 21 May to hear his verdict.

Here’s more. According to this piece, Kurtis Peters-Hartman is denying everything. It’s an interesting story, speaking objectively. 

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Kendrick Lamar and the "N" Word; Hackers Interrupt Live Political Debate With Gay Porn; Drag Race Contestant and Online Sexual Harassment; Pulse Nightclub Two Year Mark

Kendrick Lamar and the “N” Word

This story has been making the rounds on social media all week and I wanted to link to something that explains it a little better than most of the things I’ve seen. Of course there will be people who don’t understand why it was wrong for the woman to use the “N” word, but I think this article explains things a little more clearly than most. From what I’ve seen the majority of headlines have been pure clickbait, and that’s a shame because this topic goes a lot deeper.

 “It’s a choice when you use that word, whatever race [you are]. Kendrick dealt with it in a very good way. She could have avoided the whole situation herself and she put herself in that position.”

He explains that he uses the word sparingly himself to add impact when necessary.
“I use it in several different ways, as a way to refer to another person of that ethnicity or to explain the word as a metaphor, for example.
Here’s more.  It’s worth reading in full, especially if you don’t understand why it was wrong for the woman to use the “N” word. This might help. 

Hackers Interrupt Live Political Debate With Gay Porn

When I saw this on Twitter, I couldn’t stop thinking about the expressions they all must have had.

Hackers interrupted a live California Congressional debate with a short clip of gay porn on Thursday (17 May).

After the opening statements, there were only a few seconds of gay porn, but they’re taking this very seriously. According to this article, it’s not the first time this has happened with gay porn. 

You can check that out, here.  

Drag Race Contestant and Online Sexual Harassment

I’ve seen online sexual harassment in various forms over the last 15 years or so, but I didn’t know people were being called out for it.

Following an investigation by Philidelphia Magazine, Braden Chapman, a.k.a. Mimi Imfurst, admitted to repeatedly engaging men in unwanted sexual conversation via Facebook Messenger.

Chapman, who competed in the third season of RuPaul‘s Drag Race, told Philidelphia that he “deeply regret[s]” his “ongoing late-night sexual conversations that involved in-depth and often exaggerated cyber roleplay that although was welcomed by some has made others uncomfortable and used.”


You can read the rest, here

Pulse Nightclub Two Year Mark

I can’t believe it’s been two years since the Pulse Nightclub Massacre. I’m glad it’s not being forgotten. 

Two years ago, a shooter opened fire at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida and killed 49 people. The onePULSe Foundation is now preparing for a week of events to mark the two years since it happened.

Here’s the rest. There’s a whole list of events planned. 

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