Why I Loved"Love, Simon"; Nico Tortorella Describes His Penis; High School Football Player and His Boyfriend Show Prom Pics; 22 Yr Old Gay Adult Performer Hospitalized

Why I Loved Love, Simon

I finally had a chance to see the movie, Love, Simon, and I just wanted to comment quickly. No spoilers. 

Someone got this one right. It was the quickest couple of hours I’ve spent watching anything in a long time.

There was nothing political about it. There were no stereotypes. There were no activists marching and no one was refusing to bake a wedding cake. There were no elitists telling us how we should feel, or telling us what we should do. And most of all, I saw no signs of exploitation or dysfunctional predatory behavior.

What I saw was all about what it’s like to be a 17 year old gay kid in high school and how difficult it still is to come out as gay to the world. I saw how terrified this 17 year old kid was, how he needed to come to terms about coming out on his own, and how everyone in his life reacted to it. 

It was as refreshing as it was hopeful.  And for the first time that I can recall, I could identify with almost everything this character was thinking and feeling. I believe it’s an excellent movie for all kids to see, and I hope we see more films like this in the future.

Well done.

Nico Tortorella Describes His Penis

I’ve posted about Tortorella before, but I can’t remember the TV show he’s on. It’s not the kind of thing I would ever watch on TV. But he did something interesting recently. He pubbed a collection of poetry that actually looks fantastic…and this is something I will check out.

One of the poems is titled, Penis.

Here’s the link. I don’t like to post someone else’s content here without permission, but you can read it in full at that link.

I like it. I like Tortorella. It mentions circumcision, and how he wonders what it would be like to be uncut.

High School Football Player and His Boyfriend Show Prom Pics

I love to see things like this. The gay kids today are coming out sooner and they’re getting the puberty most of us never were allowed to have, but it’s not always easy. And 17 years old is still a kid.

It may be a bit late for prom season, but breaking stereotypes and celebrating love is as timeless as a well-tailored suit.
And all of that is on display (including not one but two well-tailored suits) in a set of high school prom photos shared by Jake Bain.

Here’s more. You can read about the difficulties faced, but also see the adorable photos. And yes, they are adorable. Frankly, I didn’t think I’d ever see anything like this in my lifetime. Bravo to them.

22 Yr Old Gay Adult Performer Hospitalized

Here’s a story about a gay guy who broke up with his boyfriend and apparently tweeted about the details.

A gay adult film performer gave live updates of his difficult breakup, and while anyone who’s ended a serious relationship can attest to the all-consuming agony that accompanies sudden separation, it’s almost certainly a better idea to call a family member or close friend than to post on Twitter and Instagram for public consumption.

You can read it all, here. I feel bad for the kid and I hope he’s better soon.

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Altered Parts: Limited Edition

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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