Gay Couple Die In Miami Bridge Collapse; Gay Theater Gets Hammered by Canon; Priest Comes Out As Gay On Feast of the Annunciation

Gay Couple Die In Miami Bridge Collapse

Here’s some sad news about a gay couple who died when that bridge in Miami collapsed. And they were doing something so wonderful that day.

Osvaldo “Ozzy” González, 57, and Alberto Arias, 54, who were together for 21 years, had spent the morning of March 15 moving Arias’ mother into their home, reports the Miami Herald. They went out together to run some errands before planning on moving more of her belongs into their house, when they passed under the bridge, by Florida International University, as it came crashing down.

Here’s more.   The families of both men are filing lawsuits against the bridge company. 

Gay Theater Gets Hammered By Canon

This is something I mention all the time here on this blog. And frankly, I’m not surprised.

This is what happens time and again…and it happens in publishing and films, too.

But the essay’s framing left many of us wondering if, maybe while we were distracted by one wave of backlash or another, five decades’ worth of feminist, queer, and multicultural critique had been tossed aside like litter from a car speeding down the road to the mainstream. As the pioneering feminist theatre scholar Jill Dolan asked in a Facebook post that quickly garnered nearly 100 approving responses, “Are we really still there, canonizing all the same plays?”

It’s a rather long, detailed piece, but certainly worth reading. Here’s the link.

Priest Comes Out As Gay On Feast of the Annunciation

Here’s the uplifting story about a Catholic priest who came out as gay at a very interesting moment. 

March 25, 2004, the Feast of the Annunciation, felt like the longest day of my life. That evening, I was being honored by the United Way for my parish’s ministries to the poor and marginalized in the community. Shortly before the ceremony, a young reporter from the local newspaper interviewed me. She noted that I had been outspoken on many social issues and particularly supportive of the L.G.B.T. community. I knew this was the moment to come out publicly as a gay, Roman Catholic priest.
There’s more, here. I still think we’re going to continue to hear more and more stories like this.
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