Why I Disagree With Time Magazine’s "Love, Simon" Review; Gay Millennials and Monogamy; Another Man On PrEP Tests HIV Positive

Why I Disagree With Time Magazine’s Love, Simon Review
I haven’t seen Love, Simon yet so this isn’t my opinion. I did comment at the end of this post, though, because this review is NOT an opinion with which I agree. 
I also do intend to see Love, Simon because I’ve heard to many good things about it from so many people…gay and straight. I love the fact that Love, Simon star, Keiynan Lonsdale, just came out
With that said, this is rich…
But that’s precisely the problem. Kids like Simon, in 2018, already have a good shot of fitting in. They don’t need this movie. Will they look up from Netflix to notice that it has premiered? Love, Simon feels like a film responding to an entirely different culture, like one in which gay marriage was never legalized. That decision both acknowledged that equality for gays had won the day and opened the door for far more interesting and challenging fights, ones the next generation will lead. Movies that integrate those stories are ones worth anticipating with relish. Love, Simon, by contrast, simply feels like looking back in time.
I couldn’t disagree with this reviewer more about movies like Love, Simon. What an interesting assumption…to state in writing that all gay kids have it so easy now and they don’t need a movie like this. 
I think gay kids need films like this now more than ever. In fact, this review only makes me want to see Love, Simon even more. And I think it’s proof that not all gay people are understood or represented very well by mainstream outlets like Time Magazine. In fact, a good deal of this review is insulting.  
Here’s the rest. When I do see Love, Simon I will post my review.  

Gay Millennials and Monogamy

This actually doesn’t surprise me. And I think it has a lot to do with younger gay men assimilating more now that gay marriage is legal.

This just in: Polyamory and open relationships may be on the outs. And monogamy may be making a comeback.
new study by researchers Lanz Lowen and Blake Spears has found some surprising new relationship trends, especially among gay men ages 18-39.
Here’s the rest. The entire piece is very interesting. They say most singles are seeking monogamous relationships. And I love that because I wasn’t even sure if that was possible when I was growing up. I’m not joking either. I honestly didn’t know. 
Another Man On PrEP Tests HIV Positive
Here’s another story about a guy who’s been on PrEP, but still tested HIV positive. 
But this is not a panic article, and I think it’s important to read from beginning to end. If you’re on PrEP or thinking about doing the regimen, there’s still a lot more information that’s encouraging. 
These cases confirm that PrEP doesn’t provide 100% protection against HIV. However there are few who work in HIV prevention, care or research surprised by this. More usually, the surprise isn’t that PrEP can fail but that it’s as successful at preventing HIV as it is.
Most often efficacy of 86% is cited, as this was the impact seen in several major PrEP studies, including the UK-based PROUD study.
More here. They even get into how condoms can sometimes fail.
 Kendle’s Fire
A PG Rated Gay Romance

Altered Parts: Limited Edition

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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