No One Cares About Awards Shows Anymore; What’s A Gay Sugar Baby? …Britain’s First LGBTI Museum

No One Cares About Hollywood Awards Shows Anymore

I’ll admit that I’ve never been a huge fan of awards shows…because I think they’re boring. (Tony thinks they’re boring, too.) I’ve never been able to sit through one (and I think that if I insisted on watching one Tony would leave the room). But I honestly don’t care if someone else loves them. That’s fine with me. My reasons for not caring about awards shows aren’t all that strong. I just think they’re dull.

With that said, here’s an interesting piece that really gets into some big time awards show criticism. I honestly don’t feel this strongly, but I know quite a few people who do. Even gay men. Yup. Another stereotype busted about gay men.

Which of the three major award shows do Americans care the most about? Is it the Oscars? The Emmys? The Grammys? 

The brutal truth is that the vast majority of Americans honestly don’t really give a crap about any of them, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll.

Here’s one quote from the article…

Award shows are awful and we should stop paying attention to them,” said Stephanie Marcus, who literally runs award coverage at The Huffington Post, so, yeah. “They are the Hollywood equivalent of running for Prom Queen and should be considered meaningless.”

You can check this out, here. The only reason why I posted this is because I like to follow trends in pop culture. Apparently, this seems to be a growing trend. And the low ratings of awards shows seem to reflect that.

What’s A Gay Sugar Baby?

Here’s what I mean about keeping up with gay culture and pop culture. It’s not easy these days. I had no idea what a gay sugar baby was…at least not with respect to the term, Sugar Baby. It’s not something new. But I’ve never seen it celebrated quite this way before. I’ve always heard the more common term: “Gold Digger.” And, there are even worse terms.

From what I gather, a gay sugar baby is a guy who’s looking for a gay sugar daddy who is willing to take care of him both emotionally and financially, usually for sexual services rendered.

This particular young guy found being a gay sugar baby “enlightening.”

It not only allowed me to explore my sexuality through the means of doing things I would have never tried otherwise … I also believe that without certain daddies I wouldn’t have survived in this city as long as I did until I could become financially independent. Something I realized later was that I did become financially dependent on this income for some time.

Here’s the rest. There are comments.

Britain’s First LGBTI Museum

There’s a documentary series on PBS right now titled, We’ll Meet Again, and one of the episodes is called, Coming Out. This episode covers the lives of gay men who had someone who inspired them at a very young age, but then they lost touch over the years, and finally they hook up with them again many years later. It gets into a lot of gay history, from political activism to AIDS. And that’s what I love about this link.

The history and achievements of LGBTI Brits are to be enshrined in the country’s first LGBTI museum.

The museum, called Queer Britain, plans to open in 2021 in London. This is only after museum curators tour the country to uncover additional material.

You can read more about this, here.

Kendle’s Fire
A PG Rated Gay Romance

Altered Parts: Limited Edition

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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