Troye Sivan’s Weird Grindr Experience; Hawaii Bed and Breakfast Owner Who Refused Lesbian Couple; University in Dublin Getting Over 170 Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Troye Sivan’s Weird Grindr Experience

Here’s another colorful story from the world of dating apps and gay hook ups.

Sivan was already on a date when this rude thing happened…

He and the guy were hanging out when all of a sudden the dude whipped out his cellphone then started browsing guys on Grindr.
“It was a while ago,” Troye remembers. “I was like, ‘OK. I think I’m just gonna go home.’”
Here’s the rest of the story.  Sivan is in a monogamous relationship now. 

Hawaii Bed and Breakfast Owner Who Refused Lesbian Couple

I find it interesting that these things are still happening today, and not just in certain places. They can happen anywhere.

‘Refusing to let the couple book a room was solely based on their sexual orientation because the owner indicated that if they were married, she would not have allowed them to stay there,’ said their attorney, Peter Renn of Lambda Legal’s Los Angeles office.

Here’s the whole story. The lesbian couple filed a lawsuit in 2011. 

University In Dublin Getting Over 170 Gender Neutral Bathrooms

It looks as if some things, in some places, are moving forward and changing for the better. 

University College Dublin plans to redesignate more than 170 restrooms as gender neutral. This is part of an effort to create a more welcoming environment for transgender and non-binary students.

And they aren’t stopping there. There will be gender neutral changing rooms and they’ll allow name changes on university documents without all the usual red tape that’s required. 

Here’s more. 

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A PG Rated Gay Romance

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