Why Gay Olympians Are Marketing Gold; "Queer Eye" On Black Gay Men; Insurance Bias Against Gay Men On PrEP

Why Gay Olympians Are Marketing Gold

This is awfully condescending, and it’s one good example of how gay people get insulted on a daily basis. What they are basically saying is that it’s okay to use gay people and to exploit them for monetary gain. And this is no reflection on Kenworthy or Rippon. I think they’re both wonderful. I’m talking about all gay people right now, in general. I also think this kind of thing happens to a lot of gay people on a much smaller scale.

Big companies were reticent to sponsor LGBTQ athletes, and athletes were hesitant to come out publicly for fear of being stigmatized and losing out on big money.
But that’s changing. Diversity now adds to a star’s marketability as companies strive to tell compelling stories with their advertising.
Here’s the rest. However, at least it’s not the kind of discrimination we’re all used to getting, so there’s that. 
“Queer Eye” On Black Gay Men
I have to admit that I haven’t watched one episode of the Queer Eye reboot on Netflix. I’m just not a big reboot fan…of anything. I always figured I’ve been there and done it, why go back? But this does sound interesting. 
Netflix’s “Queer Eye” reboot is tackling issues of masculinity, sexuality and race in a way mainstream television often overlooks.
In an episode titled “To Gay or Not Too Gay,” Karamo Brown, one of the five hosts of the show, helps a black man come to terms with his sexuality in an emotional makeover.
Insurance Bias Against Gay Men On PrEP
Apparently some gay men who are on PrEP are being denied insurance coverage. 
Maria T. Vullo, the state’s superintendent of financial services, told The New York Timeslast week that companies making such denials could be penalized for illegally discriminating against those clients. 
There’s more about PrEP, here. I know quite a few people doing PrEP, and this is the first time I’m seeing anything like this. However, according to this piece some gay men are going off PrEP to get insurance.  
Kendle’s Fire
A PG Rated Gay Romance

Altered Parts: Limited Edition

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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