Cop Accused of Groping Male Gunshot Victim; Gus Kenworthy Slams Mike Pence Supporter; Trans Woman In India Asks For Mercy Killing

Cop Accused of Groping Male Gunshot Victim

This is one you don’t hear often.

A guy is suing a cop, because he claims the cop sexually assaulted him while he was in the hospital.

The alleged incident happened at an ICU unit in Adelaide, Australia back in 2012. The victim was admitted after suffering a gunshot wound.

You can read more here

Gus Kenworthy Slams Mike Pence Supporter 

This seems to be the year of outspoken people going after each other on Twitter. 

Kenworthy broke his thumb, tweeted about it with a Mike Pence comment, and some woman replied with her opinion. And the problem with that is it’s none of her business. I think that’s what bothers me the most about social media lately. Total strangers believe they can offer their unsolicited opinions and comments without thinking twice about invading someone’s space. 

And he’s looking on the bright side of things. A broken thumb gives him another excuse not to shake hands with Mike Pence.
“It does prevent me from shaking Pence’s hand so… Silver linings!” he wrote.

Kenworthy put the woman in her place, fast. 

Here’s the link. You can check out the tweets yourself

Trans Woman In India Asks For Mercy Killing

Now this is serious business. This is the kind of thing that makes me sad. A trans woman was denied a job with an airline four times and now she’s asking the President of India for a mercy killing because of all the discrimination she’s faced. She can’t take it anymore. 

But after being denied the right of appeal by India’s Apex Court, she has officially requested the right to take her own life.

Here’s the rest.  People are urging the airline to change its stance. 

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