17 Fake Penises In Movies; The Very Best Penises In Film; The Strange MPAA Rules On Penises; Top 5 Films With Penis Penetration On Netflix

17 Fake Penises In Movies

Here’s an interesting fact about male full frontal nudity in movies.

It’s not just women who have to wear prosthetics. There are plenty of male actors who have strapped big ol’ fake dongs to their pelvis so they look conceived in a laboratory by the world’s horniest size queen scientist. Trudge ever onward, curious cinephile, to find out which of your favorite actors have worn pubic wigs and prosthetic wangs. 

Here’s the rest. In spite of the way this was written, with such idiocy, you might find a few surprises. It’s not all about penises, but it’s amusing and it’s SFW. 

The Very Best Penises In Film

Here’s a piece that examines the comedic attributes of penises in films. 

Putting a penis in a film is a surefire way to make anyone laugh. These are our favorite shafts!

Here’s more.  They’re all pretty funny. And I like the fact that it shows that not everything penis related has to be sexual or lewd. 

The Strange MPAA Rules On Penises

I found this link by accident, but I’ve always been curious about it. 

Anyone who follows movies with any kind of regularity knows that the MPAA has some oddly specific qualifications when it comes to rating theatrically released films. For example, it turns out that they have some very strange rules when it comes to penises – from how they are allowed to be moved around on screen to when and how they can be shown as being… excited. 

You can’t show an erection, and if it’s going to flop, it can’t flop up and down. Check it out, here. 

Top 5 Films With Penetration On Netflix

I’ve never seen any of these films so it’s all news to me. 

The difference between regular movie sex and full-penetration is that full-penis means the movie clearly shows, at least once, genitals going into genitals; none of that under-the-covers bullshit or clever camera angles conveniently hiding anything “offensive.” 

Here’s the rest.

Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Altered Parts: Limited Edition 

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

 Said With Care

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