Mike Pence and Adam Rippon On Gay Rights; India’s Openly Gay Prince On Coming Out; Why Preferences On Hook Up Apps Are Racist

Mike Pence and Adam Rippon On Gay Rights

This is from the New York Times and it’s interesting to see it making mainstream news. I’ve been linking to smaller LGBT news outlets with this story and they don’t seem to be getting the story totally right. They’re getting it partially right, but there’s a lot more. And like most news nowadays you have to search far and wide.

In any event, here’s a more detailed version of what’s really been going on between the VP and Rippon.

As controversies go, this one seems to have it all. Mr. Rippon, a charismatic 28-year-old figure skater, newly minted gay icon and social media darling, criticized Mr. Pence for his opposition to gay rights and long-rumored support of conversion therapy, a discredited practice that proponents claim can make gay people straight. Mr. Rippon also declined an invitation to meet with Mr. Pence before the Games, his agent said.

Mr. Pence and his spokespeople have pushed back, arguing that he does not support conversion therapy, which has been discredited by the medical community and condemned by rights groups. And the snub from Mr. Rippon? They say it never happened because they never asked him to meet in the first place.

There’s a lot more here, with many more details.

India’s Openly Gay Prince On Coming Out

Here’s more about Prince Manvendra from India. It’s a riveting story because it shows you what they’re still doing to gay people.

The Indian prince, who is the son and probable heir of the Maharaja of Rajpipla in Gujarat in western India, was forced to shroud his sexuality from public view for years. Marrying a princess of Jhabua State in Madhya Pradesh in 1991, Prince Mavendra lived a lie and his matrimony remained unconsummated for its entirety.

Here’s the link.

Why Preferences On Hook Up Apps Are Racist

Here’s more in the ongoing discussion with hook up apps and alleged racism. I use the word alleged because I know how strongly some feel about this. A lot of guys don’t like being labeled racist because they have certain sexual preferences…or types…when it comes to the men they date.

This is where structural racism comes into play. Because preferences are actually shaped by learned values. When you’re judging a person based solely on their racial background, you’re acting on generalizations you’ve learned to associate with that person’s appearance or heritage. You can’t say it’s their personality because you shut them down before you even got to know them.

Here’s the rest. It’s hard for me to comment because I never had any of these set preferences with regard to race, so I don’t totally understand it on a personal level. It just never occurred to me to not date a guy because of his race. 

Altered Parts: Limited Edition 

Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance

In Their Prime by Ryan Field


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