Bisexual Model Comes Out; Google Blocks Gay Dating App; House of Cards Without Kevin Spacey

Bisexual Model Comes Out

There’s been a lot in the news about bisexual people this week. And I think it’s long overdue.

Instagram famous and popular model Reece King has confirmed he is bisexual, in an interview with Gay Times.
King has spoken about his sexuality on his social media before. But now he has reconfirmed his identity after being fed up of being asked about it on social media:
Here’s the rest. I dated a bisexual guy once. He was a great guy. 

Google Blocks Gay Dating App
Apparently, the Indonesian government doesn’t like the gay dating app, Blued, and Google has blocked it as per their request. 
The government wanted Blued shut down because it believed it contravened the country’s anti-pornography laws.
Google would not reveal whether it would comply with the government’s request to block the remaining apps.

House of Cards Without Kevin Spacey
Like many other people out there, I’m glad to see that House of Cards is still in production, but without Kevin Spacey. I’m tired of Hollywood hypocrisy. It’s time to start calling them by their names. 
Kevin Spacey? Who needs him? Not House of Cards, it turns out, as Netflix announced it is carrying on with production of the series without its now disgraced, former star.
Here’s the rest. They’re working on getting a few new big names for the series. 

Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance

In Their Prime by Ryan Field


Altered Parts: Limited Edition 

 Said With Care

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