U of Penn Student Murder May Have Been Hate Crime; Gay Former Football Player Turns Cheerleader; How Ryan Murphy Mainstreamed Gay Content

U of Penn Student Murder May Have Been Hate Crime

I’ve been following this sad murder story since it broke. It’s about a smart young guy from California who was attending the ivy league University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. One of the best schools in the world. So it’s been local news for Bucks County. His entire future was ahead of him.

The parents of a 19-year-old University of Pennsylvania student killed and buried in a California park said Tuesday that the killing may have been a hate crime against their gay son.

So far nothing official has been determined. You can read more here. I will follow up on this. If this is going to be treated as a hate crime, it makes me even sadder. 

Gay Former Football Player Turns Cheerleader

Here’s a story about a nice guy who loved sports, but was tortured because he knew he was gay. Yes. It’s still happening. 

“Deep down I knew I was gay, and there was nothing I could do about it.
“I wanted so badly to be straight, but I knew there was no more denying who I was,” he wrote in a 2015 first-person piece for OutSports.
He decided to come out, and while friends and family supported him, the football team was another story.
Here’s the rest. The homophobia shouldn’t shock you. Millions of gay people face this daily in one form or another. 
How Ryan Murphy Mainstreamed Gay Content
Here’s an interesting piece about Ryan Murphy and how he’s cleverly incorporated gay culture into mainstream TV. I don’t think anyone’s done anything like it before. I sometimes watch American Horror, and I “get” and understand the camp, but I often wonder if straight people watching get it, too. I remember one comment thread in a m/m romance forum once where they spent days trying to define camp as it applies to gay culture. Last I heard, they never got it right. 
In short, then, Murphy hasn’t proven himself ahead of his time so much a man of it. He’s realized that mainstream, American audiences love shirtless men, aging women, gay misfits, cults, camp, or choirs, so long as a compelling narrative and great filmmaking accompanies them. Good for him, and good for us. Though the mainstreaming of queer culture does, somehow, make it less fun and scandalous, it also helps normalize queer people in everyday life.
A PG Rated Gay Romance

In Their Prime by Ryan Field


Altered Parts: Limited Edition 

 Said With Care

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