Why ALL Authors Need A Spokesperson Just In Case; The Gay Model Who Left The Priest Homeless; Why Would Anyone Slam Carson Wentz?

Why ALL Authors Need A Spokesperson Just In Case

When I worked with an e-publisher called LoveYouDivine back in the 2000s there was an author who was dealing with cancer. She didn’t tell everyone about it and she dropped out of sight for a long time. Her name was Carol McKenzie. She eventually passed away, which was devastating for a lot of people, and her husband (and I believe the publisher) made an announcement online to let her readers and all the other authors know. And that made a difference. If no one had made an announcement we never would have known what happened to her. I think I heard about it at the time through Yahoo groups.

Recently, I noticed that an author I’ve been following for at least the last five years on social media has gone missing. He just stopped posting. His fans and other authors have no idea what happened to him. And this was someone who interacted a great deal on social media. He had a good following. So it really leaves everyone wondering where he went…wondering and worrying. It’s a very helpless feeling.

So if you’re an author and you have a web presence, plan ahead for things like this. Have at least one person in your life that you trust who can share news about you in case you have to drop out of sight for a while. People build online relationships now more than ever, and they take those relationships seriously. Especially in small communities like m/m romance. You don’t want to leave people wondering and questioning what happened to you. And you can let them know through someone else.

The Gay Model Who Left the Priest Homeless

Here’s more about the alleged gay model who left his much older husband…a former Catholic priest…homeless. I still don’t believe he’s really a model. He’s not model material. I just think he’s one of those pretentious gay guys who get a model portfolio and pretend they’re really models.

The story just got worse.

 The 24 year-old male model who left his 79 year-old retired priest husband homeless after he signed their apartment over to him has pawned his wedding ring, reports Pink News.

You can read the full story, here, and if you’re not familiar with this alleged male model there’s a full update.

Why Would Anyone Slam Carson Wentz?

I don’t know much about the Benham brothers, but this article is a little annoying to me. The author of this article is known for writing things like this. He’s going after the Benham brothers and he’s doing it through Carson Wentz now. It’s totally unfair to Wentz. 

And it’s quasi news that doesn’t make sense. I’m from the Philadelphia area and I love Carson Wentz. He’s a great guy, he’s talented, and I’ve never heard him say a bad thing about anyone. 

I don’t understand this need to go after Carson Wentz. He’s just a nice guy from what I’ve seen who is dealing with his own health issues right now.  

“Submission to political correctness creates weak men,” they write. “Men who lack the courage to stand for what they believe, simply for fear someone might get ‘offended.’”
Which is why, the continue, they are so fond of Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.

You can read it all here. This article is proof that not everyone who is gay is nice. Sadly. 

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