Those Tone Deaf Gay Remarks; Justin Bieber Shows His Off; Eminem Is On Grindr

Those Tone Deaf Gay Remarks

I hadn’t even heard of this until now.  Olympic gold medalist, Tom Shields, made a gay joke, he got slammed for it all over social media, and then he apologized. It was one of those gay jokes that clueless guys make all the time, because that’s what they’ve always known as funny.

 I am truly sorry for any pain I have caused. I do not want to bring any harm to anyone, so I will do my best to identify what language brings that harm, and avoid it in the future to more effectively convey myself.

Here’s the rest. He sounds sincere to me.

There is a very entertaining hair pulling contest going on in the comments.

Justin Bieber Shows His Off

Justin Bieber put something up this weekend where he’s decorating his Christmas tree, and, he’s doing it without a shirt.

And while Justin Bieber‘s Christmas tree is looking fit for a Norman Rockwell painting, eagle-eyed Instagrammers have noticed something that’s of far more interest than seasonal decorations.

It’s totally harmless, the tree is actually beautiful, and it looks as if he did it all by himself. 

You can check it all out here.  You have to see the comments with this one. One poor guy thought Ellen was decorating her tree and he thought she wasn’t wearing a shirt.

Eminem Is On Grindr

This seems to be shocking everyone (but me). Since his divorce, Eminem has admitted to using dating apps, one of which is Grindr. He’s 45 years old, zaddy, single, and looking for some.

If true, it would be a surprising admission for Eminem, whose music and performances have been widely interpreted as homophobic and misogynistic in the past. The rapper has repeatedly dismissed those accusations, but didn’t shy away from the subject once again in his Vulture interview

Here’s the rest. The only thing about this that shocks me is that so many people are shocked. I think the guy is a promotional a genius. Market yourself with gays. It’s the new thing to get attention.

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