Pregnant Mom Fires Gay Photographer; John Travolta’s New Movie Dropped By Studio; Gay College Swimmer David Thibodeau Finds His Courage

Pregnant Mom Fires Gay Photographer

Here’s the tale of a good conservative pregnant woman who was about to hire a photographer. And then something interesting happened.

The pregnant woman creeped out the photographer’s Instagram the night before the shoot, and she noticed a rainbow flag. So she texted the photographer and asked if she was gay…and also asked if anyone in the photographer’s family was gay.

In short, the photographer replied that she’s gay and the pregnant woman canceled the shoot because she believes “it’s just not right” to be gay.

You can read more about this despicable pregnant woman here.

John Travolta’s New Movie Dropped By Studio

A film titled, Gotti, about the life of mobster John Gotti, starring John Travolta, was supposed to be released soon. However, it’s been dropped.

So far no one has made a statement about why the film was dropped.

Interesting. They mention another film that was recently dropped, too.

You can check that out here. 

Gay College Swimmer David Thibodeau Finds His Courage

This story is about a college swimmer, David Thibodeau, who struggled with coming out for a long time.

He started swimming for recreation, but continued to get better at it, and swimming wound up being cathartic for him.

He penned an essay about his experience in Out Sports, in detail.

I could compete in front of thousands of people at swim meets but that didn’t make me feel brave. I still couldn’t confront myself about being gay.

You can read the full essay here. It’s a good example of how all gay people struggle with coming out. I never get tired of reading these stories.

Chase of a Christmas Dream by [Field, Ryan]
Altered Parts

 Said With Care
A PG Rated Gay Romance

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